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Cat Mini Excavator Cost: Factors That Affect the Price of a Compact Digger

Last Updated: January 11, 2023

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Caterpillar is one of the best known names in construction equipment. Recognized across the world for its trademark yellow machines and CAT logo, Caterpillar has consistently been ranked No. 1 in the industry.

Caterpillar offers a full line of mini excavators, ranging from 3,500-pound machines with 18 horsepower to 18,000 pound machines with 54 horsepower. They have a size to fit a variety of needs, large and small. The company also offers financing and insurance through its vast network of dealers.

Caterpillar Mini Excavator Average Costs #

Naturally, the price of a CAT Mini Excavator depends on the size of the machine and its features. You can opt for a standard factory model or you have a machine custom designed to meet your exact requirements.

Caterpillar publishes a complete list of manufacturer's suggested retail prices on its website. That list can be found here.

  • One of the smallest models, a CAT 301.6C weighing 3,549 pounds with 18 horsepower, starts at $33,000 to $37,000. This is a basic model with no custom features. Instead of a full cab, it has a canopy over the operator compartment.
  • A mid-size model, the CAT 303.5D with 30 horsepower, starts at around $48,000. This model has a full cab instead of just a canopy and weighs 7,800 pounds.
  • One of the largest models of mini excavators, the CAT 308.D, starts at more than $112,000. This is a 54 horsepower machine with a full cab.

Keep in mind that these are just beginning prices. Any additional features you select or custom work you have done will quickly add thousands of dollars to the total price. Although the most expensive mini excavator has an MSRP of about $117,000, you could end up spending $150,000 or more with custom features.

CAT Mini Excavator Financing and Insurance #

If you can't afford to shell out $30,000 to $150,000 for a mini excavator, consider financing the machine through the Caterpillar Company. Through its financial arm, CAT Financial, the company offers both loans and equipment leases. Payments plans can be customized to work within your budget. However, you will be subject to a credit check to qualify for the company's financing.

Caterpillar also offers a variety of insurance products, from extended warranties on CAT machines and engines to casualty and risk management insurance. The company offers insurance products for both customers and dealers.

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