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How Much Does a Sharp Copier Cost?

Last Updated: January 16, 2023

Ashley Smith
Fact Checked By: Ashley Smith
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Sharp entered the photocopier business in 1972 and has been winning awards ever since for their innovative technology in the field of document systems. In 2000, Sharp became just the second company to reach 10 million units in copier production worldwide! Their biggest successes have come from innovations in the field of multi-functional devices (MFDs). They have won several awards from BLI and BERTL, top providers of reviews and competitive intelligence in the print industry.

Sharp's newest line of multifunction devices have large colorful LCD screens, built in keyboards, and common controls. They easily integrate with your companies IT systems via their OSA Technology. They have won awards for "Most Outstanding MFD Line", "Better Buys for Business Editor's Choice" and "Pick of the Year".

Sharp Copier Prices #

The best way to price out your copier purchase is to talk with a local dealer and get an exact price quote. However, we have provided estimated prices for popular Sharp copiers below so you have an idea what your new Sharp copier will cost you.

Sample Sharp Office Copier Pricing #

  • The MX-M620 is a 62 PPM digital MFP. It has won several awards including "Best Digital Imaging Product Line" in 2008. This machine can be purchased new for around $13,000 and leased for $417/monthly.
  • The Sharp MX-M550N B&W Copier is a 55ppm digital imager with a 40 GB hard drive, Scan2 technology, and document filing. This copier can be purchased brand new for $13,000 or $4,000 refurbished. Leasing this copier will cost $346/monthly.
  • The Sharp MX-4501N Printer/Copier/Scanner retails for around $10,500 new. It features 45 ppm and a 150 sheet document feeder. A used version will cost around $8,000.
  • The Sharp MXM310 Digital Monochrome MFC 31cpm will cost from $4,500 to $2,500 new and rents for $40/week.
  • The Sharp MXM200D A3 copier is ideal for basic small businesses. The unit is compact in size but still prints at 20 PPM. It also features double sided printing and copying as well as color scanning. This unit is priced at $2,700 new and leases at $30/week.

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