How Much Does a High Speed Copier Cost?
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Copier Printing Speeds (and How That Affects Cost)

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Summary: High Speed Copier Prices #

A copier that prints 20 pages per minute will cost less than $1,000, while a copier that prints 90 pages per minute will cost $8,000 to $10,000 or more.

Printing has become an everyday business necessity, and getting all those printing tasks done quickly is important. Time is money, as they say, and businesses need to print documents faster than you can say ‘Print’. Copier costs increase as printing speed increases.

Copiers measure speed in pages per minute, copies per minute, and output per minute. Each describes the number of letter-sized pages the copier can print in a minute when operating at a full speed.

Basically, manufacturers delineate printing speeds in six segments, starting with segment 1 copiers, which run up to 20 pages per minute, through to segment 6 copiers that run up to 90 pages per minute. If your business frequently prints large documents or large batches of a single document, a high-speed copier increases productivity and reduces cost. Before we delve into the prices of different printers, let's first tell you the advantages gained with a fast printer.

Benefits of High-Speed Copiers #

We all know the annoyance of waiting for ages for printed copies. With a high-speed copier, it is possible to print, copy large sheets, and sort different pages in a very short time. Two-sided copies or prints are also produced quickly, ensuring less wasted time.

Faster copiers allow the addition of a network card and printer modules, allowing them to double as office laser printers. This creates printouts at the same speed at which the machine produces copies. Fast copiers increase productivity and efficiency, especially in a business or academic environment.

There are downsides to high-speed copiers. An odd one is health concerns, as toner dust, noise, heat, and radiation emissions may cause issues for people who sit near them for long periods. They may also cause breathing problems in certain individuals.

How Much Do High-Speed Copiers Cost? #

Brand, ink type, features and capabilities, maintenance, and speed all influence a copier's price, with speed having the greatest impact. This is because these units have more complex machinery, with the ability to withstand the heat build-up that speed causes. With so much variety, price estimates vary widely.

  • A black and white copier that produces at least 20 pages per minute costs averages $700 to $800.
  • A color copier that produces up to 20 copies per minute averages $3,000 to $4,000.
  • A copier that produces 30 copies per minute averages $800 to $1,000.
  • A copier that produces 40 copies per minute averages $3,500 to $4,000.
  • A copier that produces 90 pages per minute averages $8,000 to $10,000.

Prices differ widely from these estimates, depending on features you choose, such as binding and networking that allows you to email scanned documents. Brand, also, plays a large role in price. Determine your needs and do some research before choosing a new copier for your business.

Points to Consider When Looking for High-Speed Copiers #

  • Cost of consumables: This includes fuser oil, paper, toner, and developer. These are very expensive and are common in monochrome copiers. This increases the total cost of maintaining any copy machine.
  • Buying or leasing: Consider whether you want to buy or lease the copier, depending on the needs of your business. If you require constant work worth several thousand pages every day, buying one is preferable, as pages printed monthly determines lease payments. If your print needs are moderate, leasing is a viable option.
  • Where the machine is going to be installed: Larger copiers typically have to be installed a distance from the work floor, due to both size and noise concerns. Determine a suitable area for installment beforehand.


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