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Find Out the Average Price for Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

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Proper maintenance is critical to extending the life of your carpets and floors. With regular professional cleanings, you can keep your carpets, tile or hardwood floors looking like new for many years. Most companies require an on-site inspection before giving you a price estimate, particularly when it comes to carpet cleaning. They will also use the inspection to make recommendations about a cleaning schedule going forward.

Commercial Carpet/Floor Cleaning Average Costs #

As a rough estimate, commercial carpet cleaning usually costs $.15 to $.30 per square foot - about half the cost of residential carpet cleaning. For a 1,000 square foot area, the cost can range from $150 to $300.

After the on-site inspection, a profession cleaning company will come up with a price based on factors like the size of your building, the age and condition of your floors, and the type of flooring.

  • Water extraction (sometimes called steam cleaning) falls on the high end of that price range because it offers a deeper clean. It takes more time as the deep extraction machines must be moved at a slower pace.
  • Low moisture processes or chemical cleanings often fall in the $.05 to $.15 per square foot range.
  • Spot cleaning or stain removal costs extra. Prices begin at around $20 for a tiny stain that is relatively easy to remove and running up to $1,000 for large, difficult stains such as oil or those with persistent odors.
  • Many carpet cleaners also do minor repairs, charging $50 to $200 per repair.

The cost of stripping and waxing tile floors, vinyl floors, or hardwoods is usually $.20 to $.30 per square foot.

Top Commercial Carpet Cleaning Companies #

  1. Stanley Steemer: Nationwide commercial carpet cleaning.

  2. ServiceMaster Clean: Trusted franchise network.

  3. COIT: Eco-friendly solutions.

  4. Chem-Dry: Proprietary technology.

  5. Jan-Pro: Specialized cleaning services.

  6. Cintas: Comprehensive facility services.

  7. ABM Industries: Serving various industries.

  8. Coverall: Franchise with carpet cleaning.

  9. CleanNet USA: Nationwide commercial cleaning.

Choosing a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company #

When you begin shopping around for a commercial carpet or floor cleaning service make sure you have the following information on hand:

  • The square footage of your building (or of the area that needs to be cleaned)
  • The age and type of flooring
  • General information about the condition of the flooring. If it's carpet, are there any major stains? Is the floor scuffed or worn?
  • The approximate date of your last professional cleaning

Provided with this information, some commercial carpet and floor cleaning companies will offer you a rough price estimate over the phone. However, as mentioned earlier, most will want to visually inspect your facility before committing to a price.

Make sure the price you are quoted is the price you actually pay. Particularly after a visual inspection, a commercial carpet and floor cleaner should honor the price they quote you, even if the job turns out to be more difficult than expected. It helps your case if you have the quote in writing.

Be sure to ask if the cost of moving furniture is included in the cost. You might also want to ask if a deodorizer is included. And don't be shy about asking if discounts are available for the first visit or if you agree to sign up for a regular cleaning schedule. Many commercial carpet and floor cleaning companies are happy to negotiate to earn your business.

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