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Understanding Call Center Software Pricing

Last Updated: August 23, 2023

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Summary: Call Center Software Pricing #

Cloud-based call center software costs between $20 and $200+ per agent per month, while on-premises solutions range from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars upfront. Enterprise-level options for larger organizations can reach hundreds to thousands of dollars per agent per month.

Forget about your old idea of call center software. Modern contact center platforms manage far more than just just voice and fax communication. They streamline all sorts of inbound and outbound communication, including email, web chat, text messages and social media.

And you're not limited to traditional in-house software that requires a highly skilled IT staff to maintain. You can also choose "cloud-based" contact center platforms that are hosted by an outside service provider. The size of your company and staffing levels will determine which option makes the most sense.

Some providers charge a lump sum for call center software or services; others charge on a per-user basis. The price varies widely based upon whether you select in-house or hosted software.

Cloud-Based Call Center Software: #

Cloud-based call center software is usually offered as a subscription service, and pricing is often based on a per-user, per-month basis. The cost can range from as low as $20 to $200 or more per agent per month, depending on the features and capabilities included.

On-Premises Call Center Software: #

On-premises solutions typically involve a higher upfront cost for software licenses and hardware setup. The cost can vary significantly based on the size of your call center and the features you require. It might start from a few thousand dollars and go up to tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Enterprise-Level Call Center Software: #

For larger organizations with more complex needs, enterprise-level call center solutions can be more expensive. These solutions offer advanced features such as omnichannel support, AI-powered analytics, and customization options. The cost for enterprise solutions can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per agent per month.

Choosing a Call Center Software Solution #

Most larger companies with an in-house IT staff opt for on-premise call center software. The major advantage is more control over every aspect of your call center. The software sits on your server, so if there's a problem with the system, you don't have to wait for an outside fix. Downtime in a call center means lost revenue and potentially lost customers.

However, hosted call center systems are growing in popularity, largely because there are few upfront costs. Another advantage to hosted call center systems is that you can switch providers when your contract ends if you're not happy with the product or service. With on-premise software, you're stuck with what you purchased.

Many hosted call center providers also offer a 30-day free trial to let you test the service before you commit.

Pricing for the Best Call Center Software #

Here are some of the top call center software companies and a general overview of their pricing.

Aloware's cloud-based Contact Center software offers streamlined management for your leads, calls, and text messages within a unified platform. Pricing starts at $30/user for the iPro plan while the uPro and xPro plans cost $60/user and $80/user.

Boost agent productivity, automate workflows, track team performance, cut costs with a top virtual phone system. Pricing starts at $16/user for the Bronze plan while the Silver and Platinum plans cost $24/user and $40/user.

Zendesk Talk:
Zendesk offers an integrated call center solution called Zendesk Talk. Pricing starts at around $25 per agent per month for the Team plan, which includes basic call features. The Professional and Enterprise plans offer more advanced features and can cost around $59 to $125 per agent per month.

Freshdesk Contact Center:
Freshdesk offers a contact center solution with pricing starting at $19 per agent per month for the Blossom plan, which includes basic calling features. The Garden and Estate plans offer more advanced features and can cost around $35 to $49 per agent per month.

Five9 is a cloud-based call center solution known for its comprehensive features. Pricing details are often customized based on your specific needs, so you'll need to contact Five9 directly for a quote.

Talkdesk is a cloud-based call center platform with customizable pricing. They offer various plans based on features and requirements, so pricing can vary widely. It's recommended to request a quote from Talkdesk to get accurate pricing information.

Genesys Cloud:
Genesys Cloud (formerly known as PureCloud) is a cloud contact center platform. Pricing can vary based on the number of users and features required. Contact Genesys directly for a customized quote.

RingCentral Contact Center:
RingCentral offers a contact center solution as part of its communication platform. Pricing for the contact center add-on starts at around $50 per user per month for the Essentials plan and can go up to $125 per user per month for the Ultimate plan.

Avaya provides contact center solutions with a wide range of features. Pricing details are typically customized based on your needs, so it's recommended to contact Avaya directly for a quote.

Vonage Contact Center:
Vonage offers a cloud-based contact center solution with pricing starting at around $100 per user per month. The cost can vary based on the features and number of users.

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