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How Much Does a Predictive Dialer Cost?

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A predictive dialer dramatically improves the efficiency of your call center by increasing the number of calls that are made each day. By some estimates, it can triple the number of calls, leading to better sales and lower operating costs.

A predictive dialer is, essentially, a piece of software that automates the dialing process. The computer dials several numbers at once and then connects any calls that are answered to an available agent. This eliminates time agents spend waiting on calls that are never answered.

One of the risks of a predictive dialer is that an agent may not always be available when calls are answered. However, that doesn't happen often because the software uses a statistical algorithm based on factors like average call time and how many agents are working. When it does happen, the person answering the call will hear a recorded message.

On-premise Predictive Dialer Average Costs #

Like all software these days, predictive dialers are available in two forms: on-premise or hosted. On-premise software is installed on the computers in your building and run by your in-house IT staff. Hosted software, on the other hand, is installed and managed remotely by an outside provider. There are pros and cons to each, and many providers offer both.

On-premise, predictive dialers can be purchased as part of a comprehensive call center software package or as a standalone product. Sold separately, on-premise predictive dialers begin at around $5,000 for a system that accommodates just a handful of agents and run upwards of $300,000 for large call center systems.

  • A 25-station predictive dialer with hardware, installation and training retails for about $60,000.
  • An 80-line predictive dialer with installation costs about $200,000.

Hosted Predictive Dialer Prices #

With hosted predictive dialing software, there are fewer upfront costs. Instead, most hosted providers charge a monthly fee based on the number of agents in your call center. Some have other types of fees as well, including setup fees and long-distance fees:

  • Five9, a popular provider of hosted predictive dialing software, charges $100 to $200 per agent each month for the software. There's also a $500 setup fee and a charge of 3 cents per minute for long distance.
  • Kunnect charges $150 to $250 per agent each month and requires a deposit of $200 per seat.

Some hosted providers charge on a per-minute basis. In these cases, sometimes a contract is required and other times it's not.

  • Strategic Consulting Group's web-based predictive dialer charges 19 cents per minute for the first 1,000 hours and 15 cent per minute after that. There is a $2,500 minimum charge.

Benefits of Predictive Dialers #

The time your call center employees spend waiting on lines that are never answered is money lost. Predictive dialers eliminate that wasted time by making more calls than available agents, knowing that many of the calls will not be answered. If one out of four dials is answered, for example, a predictive dialer would dial four lines for every available agent.

Investing in a predictive dialer means your call center employees will spend the vast majority of their time actually talking to clients or perspective customers.

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