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Top Mechanic Shop Air Compressors: Power and Performance at Affordable Prices

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Introduction #

Automotive shop air compressors oil lubricated compressors with higher CFM and horsepower. These professional grade air compressors are used for number of automotive repairs and these are more expensive than consumer grade compressors. Automotive shop air compressors are used for multiple tools and they come with a long life and more power. The size of the compressor is selected based on frequency of use and applications. For contractors a portable compressor is the best. However, for workshops, automotive shops and garages stationary compressors are the best.

Air Compressors for Automotive Shops #

Air compressors are the important piece of equipment for a body shop, auto garage and auto shop. Air compressors are needed for the pneumatic tools and numerous applications. Air tools need to be efficient, durable and reliable. The best type of air compressors are not only easy to maintain but always ready to work when needed. Automotive shops need air compressors of different sizes, shapes, and levels of horsepower. Large auto workshops need bigger air compressors to manage different equipment running at the same time.

Average Prices for Automotive Shop Air Compressors #

Basic air compressor is sold around $250 to $550. Portable air compressors are best suitable for automotive shops. A portable compressors with 10 gallon tank, 6.5 horsepower and 135 PSI cost can start around $750 and run up to $1,300. Portable models with higher HP, CFM and larger tanks the price can be in between $2,500 and $9,000 or above.

Sample Costs for Mechanic Shop Air Compressors #

BELAIREIMC 4916V 5 HP 60-Gallon Two Stage Simplex Electric Reciprocating Compressor$1,700
BendPakTS-580V-601 Elite™ Air Compressor, 5 HP, 80‐Gallon Vertical Tank (5179105)$3,500
CurtisAir Compressor CT Series 5 HP$2,200
CurtisAir Compressor CT Series 7.5 HP$2,800
FS-Curtis5HP, 2-Cyl, 2-Stage 80-Gal H.D. Air Compressor$2,900
Champion®Heavy-Duty 15HP 2-Stage 120-Gal Air Compressor$5,900
Champion®Heavy-Duty 10HP 2-Stage 120-Gal Air Compressor$5,200
Champion®Heavy-Duty 5HP 2-Stage 80-Gal Air Compressor$3,000
Champion®5HP 2-Stage 80-Gal Air Compressor$2,600
FS-Curtis7.5HP, 2-Cyl, 2-Stage 80-Gal H.D. Air Compressor$3,500
FS-Curtis5HP, 2-Cyl, 2-Stage 60-Gal Air Compressor$2,300
Champion®25HP 2-Stage 120-Gal Air Compressor$12,900
Champion®15HP 2-Stage 120-Gal Air Compressor$9,800

Things to Know Before Shopping #

  • Make a list of all equipment such as grinders, buffers and tools that need a lot of air
  • Select the right size air compressor to handle most of the applications
  • Know the price of extras or options for air compressors such as blow guns, air hoses and couplers
  • Determine the use of air compressor to buy the right size and type
  • Invest for a portable compressor if it needs to be moved around workshop from one project to another
  • Do not buy a model too small with low CFM and less HP. It will burn more electricity and cannot perform a proper job

What Size Air Compressor Automotive Shops Need? #

Selection of air compressor size depends on air requirement and CFM. The air requirement is measured in PSI or Pounds per Square Inch. The volume requirement is measured in CFM or Cubic Feet per Minute. CFM @ PSI charts or air requirement tables can help in assessing the perfect size for an automotive shop.

Horsepower Rating #

Horsepower rating matters a lot and it refers to power of motor. Higher the hp and quicker the air tank is filled with air which will help in reducing the recovery time.

Points to Remember #

  • Horsepower does not affect the air flow from tank to tools
  • When it comes to powering different tools CFI and PSI rating become more important
  • A lot of horsepower will not perform the job as expected
  • Good CFM rating will help to get the performance that is expected
  • Air compressors running on generators is not recommended
  • Air compressors on generators can get seriously damaged due to the power fluctuation and improper use voids warranty
  • Use the correct gauge and length of power cable for smooth air compressor performance


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