60 Gallon Quincy Air Compressor
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Pricing and Comparison of the Best 60 Gallon Air Compressors

Last Updated: June 20, 2023

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Introduction #

If you find yourself in a position where you need to power huge air tools such as sanders, pneumatic wrenches, paint guns and grinders, it is necessary to consider purchasing 60 gallon air compressor. A larger air compressor is necessary to give you the power to ensure that your air tools are running efficiently. The best 60 gallon air compressor should have at least have 3 or 5 horsepower and a large tank to allow you store compressed air in order to work on different projects for a long period of time. 60 gallon air compressors are more stable than the smaller ones and will deliver air continuously at the pressure you have chosen if they have, the pump size needed attached much more reliably than a smaller pump, which may sputter as it gets near the bottom and ruin your work.

Pricing for the Best 60 Gallon Air Compressors #

60 gallon air compressors cost between $600 and $2,500. Prices will depend on the type of air compressor, the number of pneumatic tools the compressor can power at the same time, the brand or vendor, features and the type of materials used to make the air compressor. Prices may also include shipment and VAT. There are many brands and types, so there is a great variance in price. For instance:

Compressor ModelDescriptionMaximum Pressure (PSI)Motor Power (HP)Price Range
Quincy QT-54Durable and reliable 60-gallon compressor with a maximum pressure of 175 PSI and a 5 HP motor.1755$1,300 - $1,600
Industrial Air ILA3606056Heavy-duty compressor with a 3.7 HP motor and a maximum pressure of 155 PSI.1553.7$700 - $900
Ingersoll Rand 2340L5-VIndustrial-grade two-stage compressor with a 5 HP motor and a maximum pressure of 175 PSI.1755$1,800 - $2,500
Campbell Hausfeld VT6271Durable compressor with a 3.7 HP motor and a maximum pressure of 135 PSI.1353.7$700 - $900
Powermate Vx PLA3706056Portable compressor with a 3.7 HP motor and a maximum pressure of 155 PSI.1553.7$600 - $800

Benefits of 60 Gallon Air Compressor #

Large 60 gallon air compressors are dependable and durable and can let a person switch between various tools and jobs. The air compressors save money and time and maximize efficiency. Some 60 gallon air compressors can produce high air flow, which can be essential to run various pneumatic tools and can last up to 5,000 hours. Based on the type of 60 gallon air compressor you buy, some of these can be used either in a commercial workshop or at home. 60 gallon air compressors are large and some of them weigh over 250 pounds. This means that the electric compressors are stable to stand on their own and their weight is still light to transport them, but when in position, they will stay there instead of moving around.

Points to consider before purchasing 60 gallon air compressor #

  • The 60 gallon air compressor should have enough horsepower and should include safety overload and reset protection from abnormal heat.
  • The air compressor should be long lasting and durable. In other words, purchase a cast iron 60 gallon air compressor because cast iron plays a huge role in ensuring the durability of the air compressor.
  • Ensure you have enough space to position the air compressor. These are large, at around 250 pounds, so they will need to be positioned on level ground.
    What work do you want the compressor to do? If you are working on spray painting a car this size will not leave you in the middle of the job without air, but if you want to spray paint a doll's house, then it will be far too big.

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