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How Much Does a Wedding Videographer Cost?

Last Updated: February 02, 2022

You've got a photographer. Great! They'll take care of all the professional photos and the scrapbook. But who's going to capture Uncle Bob doing the funky chicken on the dance floor? Who's going to capture the speech of the best man? The videographer. That's who.

When you're spending thousands of dollars on one day you really want to make sure you can relish the memories years later. Photos are great for bringing back some memories. However, with video you can relive the moment. It allows you to view the event as it really happened. Moreover, video cameras are better than ever today than ten years ago. Most videographers film in HD these days. It won't be like watching your aunt's and uncle's wedding video. You're going to be left with a sharp picture and good sound! The video will be stored on a computer file somewhere so you will never have to worry about video transfer from VHS at a later date.

Videographer Prices #

A cost for a basic filming of the ceremony and church proceedings is $300 to $700. That is a ground floor package that will get you on film so you can relive the moment later in time.

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The next packages involve taping the ceremony and reception. This will cost $1,000 to $2,000. This will get you the ceremony and reception taped. The camera may be fixed during the late night dancing but should be moving around with various angles to best capture the action.

It will cost $2,000 to $5,000 to have your wedding and ceremony taped and then made into a movie. Titles should be placed at the beginning of scenes, interviews done with the parents, grandparents and wedding party. There may be two cameras involved in this type of deal. Also, the event should be filmed with some type of chronological documentary structure. At these prices, a videographer will use some type of professional editing software to make your final product into a nice short movie or rolling photo scrapbook.

An exclusive, highly in-demand videographer may charge $5,000 to $10,000. This is celebrity wedding type quality. This will afford a taping of the ceremony, rehearsal dinner, reception; the entire event. For this type of service you can have multiple videographers on location at the ceremony and reception, filming from different locations. The final product should view like a professionally made documentary. Also, the cameras they shoot with should be of the highest caliber.

Note: Prices are generally higher during wedding season. Naturally, the busier and more in demand a videographer is the more they will charge.

Shopping Tips: #

  • What kind of cameras does the company use? Are they 3 chip cameras or one? What brand are the cameras. Canon and Nikon are a couple of top brands.
  • Does the company use professional editing software on computers?
  • Does the company use wireless microphones? Do they use any special sound equipment?
  • Be sure to ask plenty of questions of the videographer you hire so you'll know exactly what to expect.

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