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How Much Does a Wedding Limo Rental Cost?

Last Updated: February 02, 2022

It's the next step in planning the big day. You know the venue. You know where you want to go on the honeymoon. The major stuff is planned and now you need to take care of transportation. On such a wonderful day you need to be riding in style. No other car will do than a giant, dazzling limousine. There's no classier wedding car than Limousine. Plus, there's no other car with enough seats for your entourage!

Limousine Rental Prices: 4 to 6 people #

A limousine costs $75 to $100 an hour for a small modest limousine. This isn't what you want for the wedding. The larger “stretch” limousines cost $100 an hour and up. We've listed the seating information and pricing for various types of limos. You may use one or a combination of these for your wedding event.

How much does a stretch limousine cost?: 6 to 8 people #

This is the most common wedding limousine. The stretch limo is the quintessential wedding limousine. Nothing says wedding quite like a white stretch limousine. A stretch limo such as this costs $150 to $175 per hour and seats 6 to 8 people.

How much does a vintage or classic car limousine cost?: 2 people #

You may fancy the classic car or vintage car. This rental class includes Rolls Royce and Bentley. There type of cars seat 2 people and cost $125 to $175 per hour for the car. These are different, yet classy! Your wedding photos would look great as you get out of one of these luxurious vehicles with your new husband or wife.

How much does an SUV limousine cost?: 5 to 6 people #

SUV limos cost $125 to $175 per hour. Cadillac Escalades are the most common rental for this class. These seat 5 to 6 persons. They ride high off the ground and have heated seats in the back for a comfortable ride.

How much does a Hummer Limo cost? How much does an SUV limo cost?

A larger stretch SUV limo or Hummer limo will cost, on average, $175 to $225 per hour.

How much does a party bus limo cost?: 20+ people #

You might not need this type of limousine for the wedding party but you might need one (or two) to transport some friends and family from the church to the hotel to the reception, and back. These are great for making it so people don't have to drive a lot. It makes it an enjoyable and relaxing experience for your guests. It also cuts down on drinking and driving which is good. We want this fun occasion to be a safe night.

These buses cost $125 to $175 per hour. That's not as bad price when you consider how many people you can pack into these things. They make great shuttle vehicles.

How much does a minibus or mortorcoach limo cost?: 30+ People #

This is the type of transportation is that you need for a very large group. This rental is about the size of a Greyhound Bus. They're usually more comfortable but they're a great way to get a large group of people from one place to another. They cost $150 to $200 per hour.

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