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How Much Does it Cost to Rent Furniture?

Last Updated: September 26, 2022

Whether you are looking for some furniture to rent for a limited amount of time, renting a big screen TV for the big game, or you are attracted to the low monthly pricing options, renting furniture can be a great way to get some great furniture quickly for a fraction of the cost of buying.

Average Furniture Rental Cost #

The cost of renting furniture depends on the article in question and the quality of it, as well. A small coffee table will be a lot cheaper than renting a living room set. Along the same lines of thought, a brand-name flat screen TV with all the options is going to be much more expensive than a run of the mill television. Below is a list of typical prices you can expect to pay for renting furniture. Costs listed below are monthly payments.

Living Room Set$200 to $350
Sofa$50 to $100
Loveseat$20 to $30
Kitchen Table$30 to $100
Flat screen television , 46 inch to 60 inch   $50 to $200
Whole Entertainment Center$200 to $500
4 Post Bed$50 to $75
Dresser$10 to $50
Bedroom Set$100 to $250

Note that these charges are monthly and if you are financing to buy, there will be an interest charge added to those amounts. Also keep in mind that you will pay more for an item renting it this way than if you bought it outright, but furniture rental stores will allow you to make low monthly payments, usually regardless of credit. This is often a decent tradeoff for people having temporary financial difficulty. If you just need a piece of furniture or electronics for a month, this is an excellent option, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in buying it.

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