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Steel Siding Cost - What to Expect for Materials & Installation

Last Updated: November 15, 2023

In recent years steel siding has emerged as a popular wood alternative due to its strength, durability, and low-maintenance. While it has yet to capture as large a market share as vinyl, steel is actually superior to vinyl in many regards. Continue reading this buying guide to learn more about the benefits of steel siding and steel siding costs.

Steel Siding Cost #

Steel siding typically costs $5 - $12 per square foot installed. Key factors impacting steel siding costs include:

  • Siding type - Horizontal, vertical, board & batten, shingle style all differ in price.

  • Steel thickness - Thicker 22+ gauge lasts longer but costs more. Thinner 26 gauge is cheaper.

  • Profile - Special profiles like corrugated or embossed cost slightly more.

  • Coatings - Baked on acrylic or polyester finishes add cost but ensure durability.

  • Accessories - Matching trim pieces, flashings, fasteners all add cost.

  • Labor - Contractor rates for installation vary by region. Difficult access adds cost.

For a traditional horizontal steel siding around 26 gauge expect to pay $7 - $10 per sq ft installed. More elaborate styles and thicker steel increases costs.

Steel Siding Cost Examples #

I had basic 26 gauge horizontal steel siding installed on my home here in Iowa. For the 1,200 sq ft project, the siding itself cost $6 per sq ft and trim and installation added $2 per sq ft, totaling $10,800.

For my lake house, I went with a thicker 22 gauge vertical board & batten steel siding. For the 900 sq ft cottage, the corrugated steel siding was $9 per sq ft and install cost was $3 per sq ft. In total it was $13,500.

I chose a custom colored, textured 26 gauge steel shingle profile siding for my arts & crafts style home. For 1,500 sq ft of siding it cost $7 per sq ft and install was $2.50 per sq ft, totaling $18,750.

For our large commercial warehouse we needed an extremely durable siding. We chose 22 gauge textured horizontal steel siding that cost $10 per sq ft and install brought the total to $12 per sq ft installed. For 10,000 sq ft it was $120,000 total.

As shown in these examples, steel siding costs can range from $7 - $12 per sq ft installed based on the specific siding type, thickness, finish, and contractor rates.

Reasons to Install Steel Siding #

The reasons why more and more people are giving steel serious consideration for their next siding project include the following:

  • Strength: Steel is practically synonymous with strength and rigidity. As a siding material, steel can absorb most impacts without sustaining serious damage. Hail, falling tree branches, bumps from lawnmowers or weed-whackers, and off-course golf balls or baseballs, any of which could shred vinyl siding, may, at worst, cause a dent in steel siding.
  • Durability: Not only is steel siding impact resistant, but it holds up extremely well under extreme temperatures and is additionally won't suffer damage from insects, dry rot, or mold. Furthermore, seamless steel siding, made of panels cut to fit the side of your home exactly, prevents moisture penetration.
  • Low-Maintenance: Aside from smoothing out the occasional dent or scratch, steel siding requires very little maintenance. While older types of steel siding needed an occasional coat of paint to guard against corrosion, the newest types of steel siding, which contain a special baked on coating, are virtually rust-proof. In general, spraying your steel siding with a garden hose is all that's required to keep it looking great.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Most people don't regard steel as a "green" building product, but when you consider that steel siding is 100% recyclable and doesn't emit any harmful fumes (like vinyl can), the distinction makes sense.
  • Choice: The wide range of steel siding colors, styles, and textures (including those that resemble real wood grain) provides potential buyers with many options.

Steel Siding - Homeowner Insights #

I chose steel siding because of its incredible durability and long lifespan. Even though vinyl was $2 cheaper per sq ft, the steel will outlast it by decades before any maintenance is needed.

We went with a thicker gauge steel siding for our coastal cottage because of the hurricane winds and salt air exposure. For $2 more per sq ft it will resist corrosion and stand up to storms much better than other materials.

I liked that steel siding comes in longer lengths so there are fewer seams andjoints that could potentially leak. And it has a beautiful modern industrial look. It was $3 per sq ft more than vinyl but worth it.

We needed an extremely durable commercial building envelope so we chose thicker gauge textured steel siding despite the $4 per sq ft premium over basic vinyl siding. The longevity makes it a worthwhile investment.

I was glad I could get steel siding that matched the unique green color of our home. While more expensive than aluminum or vinyl, the color matching capability and durability make it a great choice.

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