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How Much Does Sink Installation Cost?

Last Updated: January 21, 2022

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Is your sink old and scratched or are you buying a new sink? If you haven't bought a sink in a long time you can get a good idea of what kind of sink you can buy for your money in this article. A new sink will brighten up your bathroom or kitchen. There are a lot of great sinks available at a variety of prices for a variety of tastes.

How much does a bathroom sink cost? #

You may shop for bathroom sinks at The Home Depot or at Lowe's. You may purchase a basic, acrylic bathroom sink for $50 to $100 including hardware. It's not going to be anything super fancy but that will get you a nice, budget friendly sink. For $100 to $300 you can get nicer sinks and open up the possibility of looking at more expensive and higher quality materials. Copper, stainless steel, and glass sinks start falling into your price range at this level. The sinks you find at this level will start to have some intricate designs and attention to detail.

For $400 to $1,000 you will start to see some bathroom sinks with elaborate shapes, patterns, and colors. These are the type of sinks that will have you wondering when the next time will come for you to have to use the bathroom just so you can wash your hands! Ok, maybe not that extreme, but when you have company you'll definitely get a comment or two. I mean, look at this clear topmount bath sink. It looks like the sink of the future! Fancy!

How much does a kitchen sink cost? #

You can purchase a cheap kitchen sink for $50-$100. This will get you a small one basin or two basin sink. You may find a decent kitchen sink for $100-$300. That will afford you a good functional kitchen sink that will be a little larger than the cheap kitchen sinks that you can find for under $100. If you want to buy a fancy kitchen sink you can look at some of the sinks in this link. Those sinks are made of expensive, quality materials. They will also be much larger. You can start finding large, deep sinks with lots of space and cool features.

Things to Consider #

Hiring a plumber to install your new sink will cost $100 to $400 for the entire job. It may cost a little bit more if you want to install a garbage disposal (in the case of the kitchen sink). It is a wise thing to hire a plumber to do the job. Sure, you can do the job yourself but it's nice to just pay to have it taken care of, too.

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