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How Much Does It Cost To Clear a Drain Clog Or Blockage?

Last Updated: January 21, 2022

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Clogged drains occur most frequently in kitchens from food particles. In bathrooms, hair and other gunk build up in the drain and can stop water flow. Blocked drains are also commonly caused by flushing inappropriate items down toilets.

Clogged Drain Costs #

  • Hiring a plumber to come out and fix a clogged drain will set you back at least $50 and up to $250. It depends on the severity of the drain clog.
  • According to a national average, it costs an average of about $90 for a plumber to clear a blocked tub drain and $60 for a blocked drain in a sink.
  • One customer reports it cost them $150 to pay a plumber for a one hour snaking job.
  • One plumber charges $250 for a main drain and $150 for smaller drain cleaning. While this may seem a bit high, he cites his reason as, "…how much would I have to pay you to spray urine and feces all over you? Just a sick reality…" A fair point.
  • Most plumbers charge somewhere around $50 to $75 per hour plus a minimum fee for a service call of up to $100. Even if the drain cleaning only takes 5 minutes, don't expect to pay less than $50.
  • If a toilet has to be removed and/or reset, this will cost extra.
  • It is worth trying to fix the problem yourself before contacting a professional. If you don't have a plunger, you can pick one up for around $15.
  • A rubber bladder that attaches to a hose and serves to force out drain clogs to the sewer costs under $10 at any major hardware store.
  • You can buy a plumber's snake (also called an auger) for around $20 to $125 dollars. It is also possible to rent one for around $25 for a half day.
  • For other advice, check out this article about how to clean a clogged drain.
  • offers an illustrated guide on how to fix a blocked drain.

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