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How Much Does Interior Painting Cost?

Last Updated: January 21, 2022

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Interior painting may be required as normal maintenance on a home, or you may choose to do it just to liven and brighten the look of your home.

Interior Painting Costs #

  • Paint costs from $20-$50 a gallon or more for high-quality paint.

  • Labor costs $20-$45/hour.

  • Painting a 12x12 room will require 1-2 gallons of paint ($40-$100)

  • Labor for painting a 12x12 room will cost $150-$450.

  • Total cost to paint a 12x12 room is about $250-$600.

  • Total cost for painting all the rooms in a 2,000 square foot home will be $1500-$3500. This cost could skyrocket if expensive materials and high-cost labor are used.

  • Prep work: Includes washing the walls with soap and water, filling cracks, holes and other imperfections, sanding the wall smooth, applying primer to bare wood spots.

  • Finish painting: One or two coats.

  • Water based and acrylic-based paints are generally preferable to oil-based because of their ease of application, clean-up and durability.

  • Labor and material costs for interior painting can increase for a number of reasons, including the layout of your home and the furniture and other items in it. If you have higher than average ceilings, many windows and doors and lots of crown molding, for example, expect to pay more. Likewise, if you are living in your home the painters will have to take extra care to move items and work carefully so as not to spill or drip paint. This could lead to greater labor costs.

  • Quality materials such as paint, brushes and rollers cost a bit more, but are highly recommended.

  • Some paints only require one coat, but most require two. Also, expect to use more paint if changing to a lighter color.

Home interior painting is fairly straightforward and can be handled by those homeowners patient enough to tackle the project. offers interior painting techniques and tips.

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