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How Much Does Trash Disposal Service Cost?

Last Updated: January 20, 2022

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Junk hauling is a dirty job but somebody's got to do it. It's cliché, I know, but sometimes you have junk piled up and just want it taken away so you can have the space back. Junk is an eyesore, it takes up valuable space, and it can weigh on your psyche to have too much junk. Waste removal can help you clean up your environment. The great thing is there are companies that will come directly to your door to take your junk or waste away for you.

Waste Removal Service Costs #

The costs for junk to be hauled away will be in the range of $180 to $850. $850 worth of trash is a good sized load of trash. If you have trouble picturing how much garbage that really is, take a look at these websites to get a feel for the volume that these trash removal companies use:

For example, $180 will afford you to have a trash hauling service haul away a table and a few chairs. $850 will afford you to have a service pile up a small apartment worth of furniture into their truck.

Most trash removal services load the items on to their trucks themselves. One great part about getting rid of your old junk by hiring a service is the fact you don't have to load it!

Things to Consider #

Sometimes, you can make money from your junk. One great example of this is junk car removal. Some old car removal companies will actually buy your junk car from you and remove it for free.

Some waste removal services charge extra for lifting heavy items. Ask your junk hauling if they do, especially if you know you have particularly heavy items.

Where is the waste? Is the trash you need removed in a basement or is it easily accessible in a garage where someone can drive a truck directly up to it. Will the waste hauling company carry the junk down stairs or upstairs? Or do they insist you have all your junk in an accessible location where they can simply load it onto a truck?

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