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How Much Does Metal Fabrication Cost?

Metal Fabrication Prices

The cost of metal fabrication has dropped in recent years due to new processes and technology that are developing daily. These innovations are reducing overhead and increasing production. Every aspect of metal fabrication, from steel production to transport, from fabricating to erection, has seen a decrease in price over the last decade.

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Metal Fabrication Costs

As a good rule of thumb the cost of metal fabrication is about three times the cost of the steel itself. One ton of steel costs about $400. To have this fabricated and one coat of primer applied it would cost approximately $1,200-$1,500 per ton of structural steel. If you are looking for other metals, or perhaps sheet metal fabrication of various designs, prices can go up as high as $2,500 per ton.

The above figures are just a rough guide. Prices will go up if you need fabricated steel longer than 30ft or if the planned building has an atypical design. Prices will also vary depending on where you live in the country. Not every state has a steel fabrication plant. The further you live from one of these plants the higher the delivery costs will be.

Make sure you have exact dimensions for the fabricators; this will keep costs down by not having to pay for extra material, and it will save on labor costs by not having to make extra cuts.

Even though it may cost you a bit more now, getting the metal pre-primed at the factory is a good way to prevent future maintenance costs. It is also usually more cost-effective for them to do it than for a subcontractor that is not familiar on how to prepare or finish the metal.

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