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How Much Does Wooden Furniture Restoration Cost?

Wooden Furniture Refinish Prices

Do you have an old table, chair or other piece of furniture that means a lot to you but has seen better days? If so, having it refinished may be a good option. Any piece that is not broken or has no structural issues can be refinished to look like new. The process, typically, includes sanding and stripping old paint or varnish off to get down to bare wood. Once the piece is stripped, it can be refinished using a varnish or paint.

There are 2 major processes used to strip furniture. There is a paste or liquid stripper that is applied by hand, and furniture can also be dipped in a chemical bath. There is not a large cost difference between the two methods. The decision as to which process to use is determined by the size and complexity of the piece. If a piece has lots of small, hard to reach areas, a chemical bath might be more cost efficient. The piece of furniture you are refinishing will determine how it is refinished and the cost.

Average Wood Furniture Refinishing Costs

Most wood refinishing companies will hesitate to give you an exact cost to refinish a specific piece. They will give you a ballpark estimate. It can be impossible to determine the exact labor costs. Companies charge an hourly rate plus the cost of materials (stripping agents, sandpaper, and finish). Most companies will charge between $50 and $75 per hour for labor. Material costs rarely rise above $100 for chemicals and new varnish. The cost of refinishing varies widely from piece to piece.