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How Much Does Computer or Network Repair Cost?

Last Updated: January 20, 2022

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Whether your computer is running slow, you need to recover data from a crashed hard drive, or you are having problems with your home or business network, hiring a computer repair service can solve all of your problems. We live in a world of technology that moves fast. When your computer isn't running properly it can slow your whole life down. You need to keep it moving forward by finding someone to maintain it for you can get back to what you do best, living.

Desktop Computer Repair #

Many problems can be fixed fairly quickly and without a large cost to you. Cleaning viruses, bugs, and trojans is something many computer services can handle. These are all very common problems. Sometimes a desktop repair service can fix these problems by connecting to your PC over a virtual web connection. However, if the computer doesn't even start then you will need to ship the unit or take it somewhere to be fixed.

Average PC Repair Costs #

Any computer problem that you have can be fixed by a PC repair service, short of a smashed notebook or desktop unit. Structural damage to the exterior housing of a computer is not worth fixing. You may, however, be able to salvage some of the interior components if this is the case. Typical PC repair services include:

  • Crashed Hard Drive
  • Operating System Freeze-Ups
  • Virus Problems
  • Hardware Crashes (motherboard, memory, etc.)
  • Software Conflicts

The average cost of PC repair is $50 to $80 per hour. Typically, PC repair companies don't give a firm quote on the cost of fixing a computer. The job can take one hour. Sometimes it can take three. It can be tough to determine the exact amount of time it will take. Most people pay $100 to $300 for the completed task. Where you fall on that scale depends on what you require done and the company you hire.

System freeze-ups, virus problems, and software conflicts regularly take two to three hours to fix. Recovering information from a crashed hard drive takes a little more expertise, and therefore, a little more time. Hardware crashes can sometimes include a replacement part cost to fix. If a motherboard crashes, it is no longer useable.

Network Computer Repair #

Network problems might require a company that specializes in networking solutions. This is what you need if you have a small or medium sized business. A typical computer repair technician doesn't have the proper training to repair a large network with multiple systems. A network technician will charge $75 to $125 for their expertise on this level.

Network service costs are more expensive than PC repair services. Many things can go wrong with networks and troubleshooting them can be difficult. Home networking problems usually involve discrepancies between the router, modem and the computer in question. Networks involve a lot more variables.

Larger networks with computer, printer, and phone networks have a much higher overall cost to fix and diagnose problems. Costs can rise upwards of $5,000 to fix networking problems. Large scale network problems can be difficult to pinpoint, taking many man-hours to detect. If the threat is malicious (virus attack on servers, hacking, etc.), an outside specialist may have to be called in to remedy the problem.

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