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How Much Does Outdoor Landscape Lighting Cost?

Last Updated: January 19, 2022

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In the quest to make our homes as friendly, inviting, and comfortable as we can let us not turn our backs on the exterior, the landscape. Landscape lighting can add a whole lot of class and sophistication to your property for a little bit of money. It makes it a lot safer and easier to walk around at night, too. It's something affordable you can have done that will make your neighbors jealous and want to do the same.

Solar Landscape Lighting Costs #

You may purchase a pack of 12 outdoor solar lights for a cost of $35 to $50. These outdoor solar lights from Amazon fit the bill at $44.95. However, keep in mind this particular set has plastic lenses. Glass lenses are much more preferable as they are sturdier, more aesthetically pleasing, and give off a higher quality of light. These plastic lenses are the kind of outdoor solar light you will find for $3 to $4 per light.

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Should you choose to spend more you will find you get more for your money. These solar lights by Alpan cost $10 per light, $180 for the pack of 18 lights. You will notice these lights don't point straight up. They are capped at the top unlike the cheaper lights that cost $4. This will keep the light out of people's eyes and illuminating the landscape, where it should be.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Prices #

Solar lighting only stays illuminated for a certain amount of time. Plus, they only run for 6-8 hours. That's on a good night! In addition, the quality of light from low voltage outdoor lighting is said to be higher quality light. Low voltage lighting needs to be installed. You may dig up the landscaping yourself or hire professional landscape lighting service to do a professional job for you. Low voltage lighting can be purchased for about the same amount that solar lights can be. This set from Home Depot costs $45 for 10, roughly $4.50 per light. Most basic low voltage lighting costs $4 to $7 per light. You can buy custom outdoor lighting and easily spend more than that. Fancy lights can cost $10 to $20 per light.

Things to Remember #

Solar lights operate by storing energy they receive from the sun's rays. They need to be placed where they can absorb enough rays throughout the day to run at night. If you are not happy with the light coming from the solar light move it around and take notice of the changes.

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