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How Much Do Security Safes Cost?

Last Updated: January 31, 2022

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We've all got a few things that we want to keep, well, "safe". It could be some expensive heirloom jewelry, a gun, or maybe a wad of emergency cash. These are things you can't have lying around. You need to protect these items from thieves, children, and fire. Buying a security safe is a great way to protect valuables in your home theft and accidents. It will bring a piece of mind to you knowing your valuables are locked up where no one can get to them.

Home security safes are virtually impervious to falls and drops. Even the cheapest security safe has a fire rating of at least 2-hours. The high-end ones are completely fireproof and can even survive an explosion! Anyway, it's so rare that a house fire is going to be allowed to burn for two hours that almost any fire rating will suffice for most people.

A safe can be recessed in a wall or floor to create a hidden safe. Having a hidden home security safe will defeat even the most adept burglar. They must know that a safe exists, know where it is, and what kind of safe it is in order to break into it. Burglaries are performed quickly. If hidden well, a burglar will pass over a hidden safe 99% of the time. He won't be able to get in it the other 1%. Home security safes can be as large or small as you need. Most security safes come with a key lock and also a dial lock or number lock for extra security. A dial lock will give you the advantage of having physical piece someone can find to break in, like a key. The disadvantage is forgetting the code. A key lock is less tricky to remember. However, you then need to keep the key in an innocuous location.

Other Home Safe Features #

  • Tamper proof technology
  • Double wall construction
  • Fire Resistance – Check Rating
  • Waterproof
  • Fingerprint Technology

Security Safe Average Costs #

A durable, fire resistant 24" x 20" safe costs $600 to $800. Cheaper safes of the same size are available for $200 to $400, but they do not have a fire rating and are of inferior construction. Larger safes, 36" x 24" and larger, will cost up to $1,200 for quality. The particular size of the safe you need is determined by what you are planning on keeping in it. Coins, jewelry, and documents should do fine in a smaller safe. However, if you are planning on storing guns or other large objects, a 5 foot safe might be what you need.

Gun Safe Average Costs #

The average 60" x 24" inch fire rated gun safe can cost as little as $1,000 or as much as $3,000, depending on type of construction. A gun safe should be fireproof for at least an hour so that the ammunition inside will not explode.

Average Safe Installation Costs #

Wall and floor safes have a construction cost associated with installing them on top of the safe cost. Wall safes are usually cheaper than floor safes because sheetrock is easier to repair than floors. Carpet and wood floors are also much easier to repair than a tile floor, so choose where you want the safe according to how much you want to spend. Wall and floor safe costs are no different than any other model. The labor involved usually is between $400 and $600 for a typical small 24 x 6 inch safe. Most often, wall and floor safes do not exceed 8 inches in depth because of the wall and floor thickness. A larger safe will obviously cost more money.

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