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How Much Does Gutter Repair Cost?

Last Updated: January 19, 2022

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Gutter repair and gutter replacement are complimentary items and they can sometimes go hand n hand. Sometimes the only way to repair the gutter is to replace a section of it. If the entire gutter system is corroding or damaged it may be wise to replace all of the gutters. If you see that the gutters need repair in more than two or three places, chances are the gutters will need to be replaced completely replaced.

Gutter Repair Cost #

Gutter repair costs are going to be determined by the amount of gutters that need to be fixed, the time it will take to fix them, and the height and accessibility of the gutters. You may hire a company that specializes in gutters to come fix your gutters. That will probably help you get the best job dones possible. However, it will probably be the most costly. Many established gutter installation companies do not even bother with small repairs because they cannot make the profit they can from installation jobs. It costs them $100 just to send a technician out to your business or residence for a day or half a day.

If the gutter repair is a simple matter of getting on a ladder and fixing something that is not very complicated you may be better off hiring a handy man. Many handymen/fix-it guys will have ladders long enough to reach gutters and the basic knowledge to fix that kind of thing. Many fo these handymen can be found on You may be able to find someone to come repair your gutter for $50 to $75 for a few hours of gutter repair work. For a full day a handyman could charge anywhere between $100 to $200 for gutter repair.

Of course the gutter material itself will cost some money. Gutters can be purchased for $5-10 per linear foot. They may be purchased from your local gutter shop. They will usually cut them to size for you in designated lengths if you ask them. They may charge you $3 to $10 to make a few cuts for you or they may just do it for free.

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