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How Much Does Thomasville Hardwood Flooring Cost?

Last Updated: January 14, 2022

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Hardwood flooring gives your home a rich, distinctive look. It is classic, stylish and timeless. Wood floors are also easy to clean and maintain, offering decades of beauty and functionality.

Thomasville offers durable and affordable hardwood flooring for any room of your home. The company is regarded for its craftsmanship - the floors are stable, and they resist warping, cupping, and cracking.

About Thomasville Flooring #

Thomasville got its start in 1904 with just one product - "The Thomasville Chair." Today, the company is one of the most recognized names in home improvement products, with complete lines of furniture, cabinetry, lighting and flooring in a variety of styles.

All Thomasville flooring features:

  • 5-inch wide planks
  • 1/2-inch tongue and groove construction
  • A polyurethane finish for durability
  • Micro-beveled edges and ends
  • A 30-year limited warranty

Thomasville flooring is sold exclusively at Home Depot stores. Three types of wood are available: jatoba, walnut and mahogany. Home Depot's Thomasville Flooring brochure offers pictures of each and information about the differences in wood styles.

Thomasville Flooring Average Costs #

Thomasville flooring costs about $4 to $5 per square foot, not including installation. Home Depot sells the flooring in pre-packaged boxes with a variety of plank lengths. A 22-square-foot box would sell for about $100. Installation usually runs an additional $3 to $5 per square foot.

Let's say you're planning to have hardwoods installed in a 15x15 room. You'll need 225 square feet of flooring to cover the room. Nevertheless, plan on purchasing 250 square feet to account for waste. Assume that materials and labor will cost you $5 per square foot each.

  • 250 square feet x $10 per square foot for labor and materials = $2,500 total project cost

Keep in mind, however, that flooring prices can vary from one region to another and from one Home Depot location to another. Make sure you get a complete estimate before you commit to a purchase.

Caring for Your Thomasville Hardwood Flooring #

With proper care, Thomasville hardwood flooring will remain beautiful for decades. However, as with any wood product, the floors will darken over time.

Here are some tips and tricks for caring for your hardwood floors, courtesy of

  • Read and follow the manufacturer's maintenance instructions
  • Immediately wipe up water and wet spills
  • Never use a paste wax on a polyurethane finish
  • Use a dry towel to clean up spills
  • Use rugs in high-traffic areas
  • Keep the floor clear of sand or dirt that will scratch and dull the surface
  • Install felt feet underneath your furniture to prevent scratching
  • Never use oil soaps

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