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How Much Does StainMaster Carpet Cost?

Last Updated: January 14, 2022

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StainMaster revolutionized the carpet industry by introducing a breakthrough in carpet stain protection. Today, the company remains a leader in the carpet industry, recognized equally for its quality and durability.

The key to long-lasting carpet is the fabric that's used to make it. StainMaster uses nylon 6,6 - considered by many to be the most resilient carpet fabric available. With StainMaster, you'll also have you choice of thousands of colors and styles.

StainMaster Carpet Average Costs #

StainMaster carpet is sold either by the square foot or square yard, depending on the carpet dealer and type of carpet you select:

  • By the square foot, prices usually range from $7 to $11.
  • By the square yard, prices usually range from $21 to $33.

All StainMaster carpet is high quality. However, on the lower end of those price ranges you'll find the more basic varieties. Premium StainMaster carpeting will fall on the higher end of those price ranges.

The carpet itself is only one part of the total cost. You'll also need to budget for things like padding, installation and removal of the old carpeting. Below you'll find a little more information about how much each will cost you.

StainMaster Installation #

Most dealers charge anywhere from $3 to $6 per yard for carpet installation. Geography has a lot to do with whether installation falls on the high or low end of that price range. Installation costs tend to be much higher in major metropolitan areas and along the east and west coasts.

Other charges you can expect include:

  • New padding: $.50 to $1 per square yard
  • Old carpet removal and haul way: $.50 to $3 per square yard
  • Furniture moving fees: $1 to $2 per square yard or around $25-$50 per hour
  • Tack strips for new construction: $.25 to $1 per foot
  • Installation on stairs: $4 to $6 per square yard
  • Berber installation: Add $1 to $2 per square yard

Additional StainMaster Information #

Keep in mind that padding is essential for prolonging the life of your carpet. StainMaster has its own line of padding with a breathable moisture barrier that prevents household stains from penetrating the surface and prevents mold and mildew. The company offers an extended warranty on its products if you buy StainMaster carpet and padding together.

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