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How Much Does it Cost to Repair Carpet?

Last Updated: January 14, 2022

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Carpet's unbeatable comfort and low cost makes it the most common flooring material. With regular cleaning, carpeting should last for 10 to 20 years. But whether due to regular wear and tear, water, burns, stains, or other damage, carpet occasionally needs repairing. The cost to repair a small section of carpet won't be all that much. If, however, a large section or numerous sections of carpet need to be fixed, carpet replacement might make more sense.

Carpet Repairs: What Can Go Wrong #

Most homeowners seek a carpet repair service for one of the following reasons:

  • Stains: There are some pretty impressive cleaning products out there that can remove most tough carpet stains. Even still, certain stains linger and require professional cleaning. A patch might be a better solution for some stains.
  • Burns: Carpet that's burned can't be cleaned; it needs to be replaced (unless the burn is only superficial, in which case you trim off the blackened tips of the carpet fiber).
  • Water: While a bit of spilled water won't do permanent damage to carpeting, flooding can wreak havoc. If the water is clean and dries quickly, it might be possible to salvage the carpet. But if the water takes a long time to dry or it's dirty, carpet replacement is almost inevitable.
  • Humidity: Excessive humidity can cause carpet to ripple. A process known as "re-stretching" is usually the solution to rippled carpet.
  • Dents: Moving furniture often reveals deep impressions left in the carpet. There are a number of ways to remove carpet divots, many of which you can do yourself. Should your efforts prove fruitless, a professional will be able to help.

Carpet Repair vs. Carpet Replacement #

Excessively damaged carpet might not be worth the cost to repair it. Here are some factors to keep in mind when deciding whether you should fix carpeting or replace it entirely:

  • Carpet Lifespan: If you plan on replacing the carpet in the next year or even the next few years, you maybe better of replacing it. A carpet that can last another decade or so, on the other hand, might be worth repairing.
  • Carpet Location and Use: Carpet that's installed in a low-visibility area such as a playroom or basement doesn't need to look as good as carpeting in the living room or master bedroom. In this case, cleaning/repairing/refurbishing the carpet is probably sufficient. Also, homes with kids and/or pets take more abuse than average, so installing new carpeting that's only going to get roughed up again probably isn't cost-effective.
  • Carpet Value: Another way to decide whether you should repair or replace your carpet is a simple cost vs. value comparison. Figure out what the carpeting is worth and weigh this figure against both carpet repair costs and carpet replacement costs.
  • Budget and Preference: One homeowner may not be able to stand unsightly carpet, while another may shrug with indifference at their worn-out flooring. You may choose to repair your damaged carpet or even leave it as is if you count yourself in the second group. For perfectionists, new carpeting is the only way to go. And, of course, budget plays a role. When money isn't a major consideration, why not splurge for new carpeting?

Carpet Repair Average Costs #

  • According to, carpet repairs cost between $100 and $400, with an average price of around $200 to $300.
  • Carpet re-stretching costs $100 to $250 per room depending on the size of the room.
  • Carpet patches cost $100 to $200 apiece.
  • Repairing damaged carpet might cost $100 to $250 per area.
  • Carpet color restoration starts at $150 to $500 for an average-sized room (less for spot dyeing).
  • Stain/spot removal costs $100 to $200.
  • Professional carpet cleaning typically costs $.25 to $1.00 per square foot (stairs and specialty carpets, such as oriental rugs, will cost more)
  • Emergency flood response may incur a minimum service charge of $200 to $400 or more, plus $300 or more per room to dry and reinstall carpet (compare this to the cost of new carpeting).
  • You can buy a kit and patch carpet for roughly $25 to $50. For do-it-yourself advice on common carpet repairs, check out DIY Network.

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