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How Much Does Beaulieu Carpet Cost?

Last Updated: January 14, 2022

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Beaulieu isn't quite like other carpet manufacturers. The company is known for thinking outside the box to create unique and distinctive product lines.

For the homeowner, Beaulieu offers carpet products designed with individual rooms in mind. The company also offers eco-friendly, odor resistant and antimicrobial carpets for homes, apartments, and businesses.

Types of Beaulieu Carpet #

Beaulieu operates under a variety of product names, including Bliss, Coronet, Hollytex and Laura Ashley Home. The company makes carpet designed for homeowners, small businesses and multi-family properties. It also has a commercial line that features everything from high-end, high-styled products to basic carpets designed for value-conscious customers.

Beaulieu offers carpets made of nylon or olefin fiber, but the company is best known for olefin styles. Olefin fiber is known for its' stain-resistant and fade-resistant qualities. It is also highly resistant to static electricity.

If you're looking for high-quality carpeting at a reasonable price, Beaulieu is a great choice. The company offers a wide selection of attractive, durable carpeting at competitive prices.

About Beaulieu Bliss #

Bliss is among the company's most popular product lines. It was designed based upon the idea that there's no one-size-fits-all carpet solution for your home. Bliss offers varying options for different rooms in your home, including:

  • Stain resistant carpet for entertaining and high-traffic areas
  • Anti-microbial carpet for the playroom
  • Odor resistant carpet for your home gym
  • Anti-static carpet for the home office
  • Soft, plush carpet for bedrooms
  • Anti-fading carpet for sunrooms

Choosing a specific type of carpet based on the way each room is used allows you to get the longest life possible out of your carpet.

Beaulieu Carpet Average Costs #

Most Beaulieu carpet for the home is priced from $10 to $25 per square yard, although you can find certain styles for slightly more or slightly less. But the carpet itself is not the only cost you'll incur. You also have to budget for padding, installation and removal of your old carpet.

Here's what you can expect to pay for additional products and services:

  • New padding: $.50 to $1 per square yard
  • Old carpet removal and haul way: $.50 to $3 per square yard
  • Furniture moving fees: $1 to $2 per square yard or around $25-$50 per hour
  • Tack strips for new construction: $.25 to $1 per foot
  • Installation on stairs: $4 to $6 per square yard
  • Berber installation: Add $1 to $2 per square yard

Keep in mind that carpet and installation prices vary from dealer to dealer. Shop around and get multiple quotes before committing to ensure you get the best price.

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