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How Much Does a Chain Link Fence Cost?

Last Updated: January 14, 2022

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  • Chain link fence pricing depends mainly on the material and height of the fence. The cost for plain silver, galvanized steel, 2" mesh 11 gauge (.12" thick), 3 foot high chain link fence is $75-$100 per 50 foot roll. The same gauge fence at 6 feet high is $150-$200 per 50' roll. At 12 feet, the price is $350-$400 for 50 feet.
  • Vinyl (PVC coated galvanized steel) chain link, 9 gauge (.148" thick), 3 foot tall, goes for $150-$200 per 50 foot roll. The same at 6 feet high is around $350 per roll, and 12 foot high costs $600-$700.
  • For privacy chain link fencing, which is fitted with slats so people can't see through, the cost is from $6 a foot to $40 a foot depending on gauge and finish.
  • Installing chain link fence costs approximately $50 an hour. For a half day of work, the total price should be $200-$250; for a full day, double the price.
  • Besides the fencing itself, there are a variety of chain link fence parts including posts, post caps, top and bottom rails, brace bands, tension bands, tension bars and carriage bolts.
  • DIY chain link fence is moderately difficult, but can save a lot in total costs. If considering this option, basic chain link fence supplies needed are: tape measure, pliers, level, post hole digger, sledge hammer, wire cutters, fence stretcher, crescent wrench, wheelbarrow and shovel (for concrete), hacksaw or pipe cutter and string/mason line and stakes. Hoover Fence Co. offers step by step instructions on how to install chain link fence as well as a full tool list.
  • Chain link fence gates come in a variety of designs and prices. A basic, single gate costs $50-$150. Larger, double gates or those designed for vehicles could cost as much as $1000 installed, though average closer to $500.
  • To remove an old fence, the cost is $1-$3 per foot.
  • Check with your municipality to see if there are required zoning and building permits. Some areas regulate the height and type of fences allowed. Also, make sure of property setback lines, which are required minimum distances between a structure and the front, rear and side property lines.
  • If doing the project yourself, get the underground utilities marked before digging. Contact your local fire department for more details on this (usually) free service

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