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How Much Does Repairing an Attic Fan Cost?

Last Updated: January 14, 2022

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By regulating the temperature in a house's topmost portion, an attic fan helps to lower energy bills, protect stored items, and prevent roofing damage. A fan that isn't working properly can usually be fixed in a single day for a reasonable price, but if repair costs get too high, installing a new attic fan might be a better option.

Potential Problems With Attic Fans #

Attic fan issues are electrical, motor, or thermostat related. You can determine right away whether the problem lies with the thermostat by turning the fan on manually (thereby bypassing the thermostat, which activates the fan according to a preset temperature). If it turns on, the thermostat is probably the culprit; if it doesn't, the problem is caused by the unit's electrical or motor components.

A faulty outlet, blown fuse, or bad connection are among the first electrical issues that should be checked. Ruling them out might mean a bigger electrical problem, or it could indicate a bad fan motor. Replacing an attic fan motor every 10 to 15 years is common, and some motors burn out after 5 years.

The Importance of Clean Vents #

In order to regulate temperature, attic fans draw in cooler outdoor air and push out warmer indoor air. They depend on passive roof vents, however, to bring in fresh air. Vents that are clogged with leaves, twigs, nests, or other debris restrict airflow. When this happens, cooler air will be drawn from a home's conditioned air. This will not only cause your air conditioner(s) to work harder, resulting in higher electric bills, but it will make your attic fan work harder, which could cause a premature motor burnout. If you have an attic fan installed, be sure to clean soffit vents annually.

Attic Fan Repair Costs #

The actual cost to repair an attic fan depends primarily on the nature of the problem and how easy it is to access the fan. If the unit must be removed to be worked on and then reinstalled, expect to pay more.

  • You'll probably pay at least $100 to repair an attic fan (many technicians charge a minimum fee that reflects 1.5 to 2 hours of work).
  • The maximum you should pay for an attic fan repair is $500, although most jobs fall within the price range of $200-$400.
  • Be sure to get an estimate and compare it to the cost of a new attic fan.

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