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How Much Does an Electric Baseboard Cost?

Last Updated: January 14, 2022

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Electric baseboard is one of the most inexpensive methods of heat to install. Once they are installed they run off of electricity so they are the most efficient method of heating post installation. However, they get the job done and it's not going to break the bank to purchase some electric baseboard. Other methods of heating involve hiring plumbers, electricians, and can require some major renovations. Electric baseboard can be set up rather quickly, easily, and inexpensively compared to other methods of heating.

Electric Baseboard Cost #

Electric baseboards cost $30 to $75. You may shop and compare electric baseboards at this location. Where you fall in that $30 to $75 price range depends on the length you are looking for. They range from 36" long to 96".

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Electric baseboard heaters have the amount of electricity they will use in one hour listed in the specifications. Take this number and use the amount of electricity the baseboard gets for 1 cent and you can figure out how much it will cost you to run it for one hour. You try asking someone who works in the heating department at your local home improvement store. They may have an estimate for you of how much it will cost.

Things to Consider #

  • Electric baseboards are inexpensive units with running costs that are higher than other methods like oil, gas, or wood. Therefore, they're great methods of supplementary heat. They are a good option, for a spare bedroom, den, or basement.
  • You can turn electric baseboards on and off easily by flipping a switch. Therefore, the cost of running them is considerably less than expanding a system that will tie the room into the rest of the home. They can actually save you money despite their high running costs!
  • Electric baseboards are wisely installed under a window to counteract the cold air coming off the windowpane.

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