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How Much Do Window Treatments Cost?

Last Updated: January 14, 2022

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The space you are in is nice, but perhaps it's looking plain. It may be time to get some professional window treatments to spice up those windows. It will make the space look more livable, more inviting, and it will help you decide what lights come in and out. There are so many options when it comes to window treatments. They range from inexpensive blinds you may find at The Home Depot to fancy shades sold by a window treatment specialist. Whatever your taste and budget, installing window treatments is a great way to make a space feel comfortable.

We categorize blinds and shades together. They are different yet similar in the way they don't use lots of fabric. Curtains and drapes do use fabric so we are grouping them together. They generally fall in the same price ranges for their respective qualities.

Blinds and Shades #

  • You can purchase basic blinds and shades for $10 to $50. This will get you a basic shade or blind that will do the job.
  • Room darkening blinds or "blackout blinds", as some call them, are a little more expensive. They start at a cost of $50 and go up from there.

Curtains and Drapes #

Drapes and Curtains will add class to your windows. They can be used alone or in conjunction with some blinds or shades. The average cost for these are $100 to $250. For fancy drapes and curtains the cost can be $1,000 and above. Shop and compare drapes here.

Things to Consider #

Blinds can get very expensive if you want them to or you can find them inexpensively. The price of the blinds comes to a difference in quality of materials but also in quality of production. The cheapest blinds are not always the best option. Nicer blinds may cost more money up front but will usually last longer in the long run.

Blinds can be tricky to install. Everything needs to be level and secure for everything to run smoothly and look right. It is a job of millimeters but definitely doable for the hearty Do-it –yourselfer. If you're looking to hire some to take care for of it for you just fill out our simple form.

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