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How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Mirror?

Last Updated: January 13, 2022

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A mirror is typically made with a piece of high quality glass in front. Behind that, there's a thin layer of either silver or aluminum. Expensive mirrors are made with the metal on top of the glass, while cheaper ones have the metal layer behind the glass. The difference translates directly to the quality of reflection. Light bouncing off of the metal layer (behind the glass) loses some quality when it passes through the glass layer to get back to you. Whether your glass is scratched, cracked, or you need to resilver a mirror, most companies that fix mirrors can restore anything that is wrong with it.

Cost to Resilver a Mirror #

Whether your mirror is made from aluminum or silver, the process by which professionals fix the problem is called resilvering. If your mirror is cloudy or splotchy and cleaning it does not solve the problem, your mirror most likely needs to be resilvered. If your mirror has its metal on top of the glass, the process is fairly cheap and will cost approximately $20 per square foot. However, you may have to pay a little extra if the glass has to be removed and replaced. Most companies also have a wait time for this process to be completed. The process that they use is complex and expensive for a single mirror; they need large areas to resilver for it to be cost-effective for the consumer.

Scratched Mirror Repair Costs / Cracked Mirror Repair Costs #

Mirror glass gets scratched or cracked easily. Most mirror glass is not thick and not meant to absorb the type of punishment auto glass, or even, normal window glass receives! You may need professional help if glass scratch remover does not work then. Depending on the size of the mirror, most often it is not cost effective to fix this. Replacement mirror glass will usually cost more than the mirror itself unless it is a very minor scratch or the mirror is an antique.

It will typically cost about $10-$20 per square foot to replace mirror glass. Deep scratches and nicks that cannot be cured by glass scratch removers can usually be repaired by a professional for no more than $50 per scratch. It may cost more if your scratch is unusually large. You should weigh the option of mirror replacement against the cost to fix it.

Replacement Mirror Glass Cost #

If your mirror is scratched, cracked, and needs to be resilvered, then you may opt to hire a service for mirror glass replacement. The cost of the original mirror, its condition, and the extent of the damage to the glass will all help determine your best option. The same costs from above apply here. It will normally cost $10 to$20 per square foot to replace mirror glass.

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