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How Much Do Timberlake Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

Last Updated: January 13, 2022

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Timberlake is a major player in the cabinet business. The company is owned by the third largest cabinet maker in the United States and Canada, and has developed a reputation for quality, long-lasting products.

There are dozens and dozens of options from which to choose with Timberlake cabinets. The company offers custom-built cabinets in a variety of finishes and designs at a variety of price points, from value-conscious to high-end.

About Timberlake Kitchen Cabinets #

Timberlake cabinets are available in variety of finishes, including oak, maple, cherry and white. The company offers a wide variety of optional features, including built-in wine racks, drawers with knife racks and glass door cabinets.

Timberlake offers three different product lines designed to fit varying budgets:

  • Value Built is Timberlake's most economical line. The cabinets have veneer doors, 18-inch deep drawers and 1/2-inch thick shelving. They come with a two-year limited warranty.
  • Portfolio is Timberlake's mid-grade line, featuring veneer doors, 21-inch deep drawers and 3/4-inch thick shelving. These are sold with a five-year limited warranty.
  • Portfolio Select is a high-end line that offers solid hardwood doors, 21-inch deep drawers, 3/4-inch shelving and a five-year limited warranty.

In addition to producing high-quality cabinetry, Timberlake is also an eco-conscious company. The company's cabinets are made from 95 percent certified sustainable American hardwoods.

Timberlake Kitchen Cabinet Average Costs #

It's extremely difficult to estimate the cost of a Timberlake cabinet. The company does not advertise its prices and the total cost depends on many variables, including size, style, finish and materials. It's always best to contact a Timberlake dealer in your area for an exact estimate of all materials and labor.

Generally, here's what you can expect to pay for varying grades of kitchen cabinets:

  • Stock cabinets like Timberlake's Value Built line usually sell for $75 to $300 per square foot, not including hardware and installation. These cabinets are pre-made in the factory in standard sizes. If you have a 25-square-foot kitchen, plan on spending around $5,000 to $10,000 for the project.
  • Semi-custom cabinets like Timberlake's Portfolio and Portfolio Select lines tend to cost $150 to $750 per square foot, not including hardware and installation. If you have a 25-square-foot kitchen, budget $10,000 to $20,000.

Keep in mind that optional features and upgrades can quickly add hundreds or thousands of dollars to the total purchase price. Features like wine rack, sliding garbage rack, spice drawers, and crown moldings are not included in the per-square-foot price.

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