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How Much Do Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

Last Updated: January 13, 2022

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Kitchen remodeling doesn't have to cost a fortune. Ikea offers a wide range of attractive, durable cabinetry at low prices. In fact, Ikea's corporate philosophy is based around keeping prices low.

Ikea cabinets are available in hundreds of sizes, styles and color configurations. Mix and match individual cabinet pieces to create your dream kitchen for a fraction of the price of other cabinet manufacturers.

About Ikea Kitchen Cabinets #

Ikea sells every piece of kitchen cabinetry and cabinet accessories on an a la carte basis. You pick each base cabinet, wall cabinet, high cabinet, cabinet door, drawer, cover panel and handle. This gives you complete control over not only the look, but also the price.

All Ikea base cabinets are made of sturdy particle board. But the doors - which are most important to the overall look of the kitchen - are available in a variety of materials, including:

  • solid wood
  • wood veneer - a thin layer of wood attached to medium density fiberboard (plywood)
  • lacquer - fiberboard base covered with lacquer and painted
  • high gloss foil - a bold, shiny finish
  • glass
  • melamine - paper film attached to particle board)

Ikea cabinets are sold in a variety of colors, including black, white, blue, gray, brown, green and red. and In addition to the cabinets themselves, Ikea also sells accessories like sinks, faucets, drawer organizers, islands and carts.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Average Costs #

Ikea advertises all kitchen cabinet and accessories prices on its website. For a complete listing, visit the kitchen cabinet section. The price to completely outfit a kitchen is extremely difficult because it depends on so many factors: the size of your kitchen, the style of cabinets, and the doors and accessories you select.

According to Ikea, the average cost of a complete kitchen is about $5,000. But you could pay less or far more depending on the features and options you select. Here is a breakdown of the approximate prices ranges for individual components:

  • Base cabinets: $50 to $350
  • Wall cabinets: $35 to $200
  • Cabinets for built-in appliances: $140 to $520
  • High cabinets: $120 to $500
  • Drawers and appliance fronts: $3 to $200
  • Cabinet doors: $15 to $130
  • Hinges: $5 to $7 per pack (2 or 3 per pack)
  • Cover panels: $20 to $150
  • Frames: $20 to $75
  • Knobs and handles: $4 to $15 (2 per pack)

Choosing and Installing Your Ikea Cabinets #

Choosing cabinets and accessories on an a la carte basis can be overwhelming. To make the process easier, make a list of your wants and needs and establish a rough budget before you begin shopping. Then, use Ikea's online planning tool or consult one of Ikea's kitchen planning experts for help with the details.

Ikea cabinets come with detailed assembly instructions, so many homeowners choose to save money by doing the assembly and installation. However, do-it-yourself installation is risky if you don't have any experience. Improper installation can cause the cabinets to fall apart long before the end of their lifespan. If you need help, Ikea also provides installation services.

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