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How Much Does Building a Log Cabin Cost?

Last Updated: January 13, 2022

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A log cabin is a beautiful type of home for everyday use or a retreat away from the rest of the world from time to time. They look great both inside and out, offering a relaxing place for you to call your own. Building a log cabin is more affordable than most people think so don't let the idea that you can't afford you stop you from looking into it.

There are a variety of costs involved with building a log cabin. The size of it as well as the type of wood you want to use will influence the cost. You do want to make sure it is spacious enough for your needs. You also want to use wood that is going to last a very long time and has a nice coloring to it.

One of the best options is to buy a log cabin kit that has everything you need with it. These will run you from $18,000 to about $40,000 depending on the features and the layout that you want. There are plenty of great plans online you can explore before you make up your mind.

Log Cabin Costs #

You will likely find that the overall cost is less when you shop online than when you shop locally, but it really depends on the area where you live. The cost of getting the materials delivered is something else to consider. Many local companies will do it at no charge. However, others will charge you quite a bit so make sure you calculate that into your equation.

You do need to make sure any log cabin building kit offers you exactly what you need. This includes all of the materials, fasteners, and step by step instructions. Sometimes you find that these kits are offered at a lower price but then you have to go out and spend money to buy a variety of things to complete the work. You will find that can significantly increase your cost so be very careful in regards to this.

Helpful Tips #

Chances are you have scrap wood and other materials out there that you come across all the time. Save it to have extras when you may need it as you build your log cabin. Hopefully you already have some basic tools that you can use as well. Try to get your friends and family members out there to help you out with the project as much as they can.

You can do work for them later on to repay their time. You may have already helped other people to complete such projects as a matter of fact so you can easily get them to do the same for you. You will need patience too and a solid belief that you can accomplish such a project. Break it down into sizable pieces so you can see the work you have accomplished along the way.

Building a log cabin is affordable if you go about getting your materials from the right place. You will save a fortune too doing the work yourself over having a contractor do it for you.

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