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How Much Does Bathtub Resurfacing Cost?

Last Updated: January 12, 2022

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Is your bathtub worn out, damaged, out of date, or otherwise showing its age? If it is, and you want to replace it, you should first consider bathtub resurfacing. Also known as refinishing or reglazing, resurfacing your tub can get it looking like new again at a fraction of the cost of tub replacement. In this buying guide you'll learn more about tub resurfacing, including how much the procedure costs.

How Bathtub Resurfacing Works #

What follows is a brief description of the tub refinishing process. Keep in mind, however, that depending on the company you hire, the actual methods may vary slightly.

  • Preparation work, including cleaning the tub and removing caulking and fixtures, is performed.
  • To help with the adherence of the protective coating, the bathtub is lightly sanded and in some cases, acid etching may also be done.
  • Chips, scratches, and other surface blemishes are filled and once dry, sanded.
  • Primer is applied to the bathtub. Depending on the condition of the tub, up to 3 coats may be used.
  • When the primer has dried, a glossy top coat is painted on.
  • The dry top coat is buffed to a smooth finish.

Note: The work described above is completed in your home by a professional, typically in a single work day. The tub does not need to be removed and sent to a shop for restoration.

The Benefits of Bathtub Refinishing #

In addition to producing a bathtub that looks like new, tub refinishing has several advantages over buying a new tub or installing a plastic tub liner, including:

  • Savings: The cost to refinish a bathtub is significantly lower than not only the price of purchasing and installing a new tub, but also the price of a new acrylic liner. Plus, a liner doesn't solve the underlying problems of tub disrepair.
  • Color Choice: The finish coat used by bathtub restoration companies is available in a wide range of colors, so at the same time that your tub is being repaired, it can also be updated to the color of your choice. In fact, getting rid of that pastel pink bathtub might be reason enough to invest in tub reglazing.
  • Conserve Resources: Bath resurfacing is an environmentally friendly option to tub replacement. By keeping your old tub, you're conserving landfill space and reducing the demand for new materials.

Bathtub Resurfacing Average Costs #

The actual cost of bathtub refinishing depends on your location, the company performing the service, the condition of the tub, and other factors.

  • While some companies advertise tub resurfacing services for as little as $250 to $350, don't expect quality, long-lasting results at this price.
  • A more reasonable estimate for bathtub refinishing costs is $500 to $650.
  • DIY tub resurfacing kits are available for $50 to $250, but unless you are experienced with this type of work, it is recommended that you hire a pro.

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