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How Much Does It Cost To Install a Sump Pump?

Last Updated: January 12, 2022

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What is a Sump Pump? #

A sump pump is a device that moves water from one location and discharges it somewhere else. It is installed somewhere below grade. The pump moves water up and out to a place where it can run off. There are two main types of sump pumps that are most commonly installed in people's homes; submersible and pedestal.

A sump pump can be the first line of defense against areas prone to flood. It can be installed indoors or outdoors. An indoor pump is typically installed in a basement. Most basements are built so that water will flow to a central point. A sump pump basin here, with a sump pump installed can make your basement water-free for as long as you own the house.

Submersible sump pump vs. Pedestal sump pump #

The two types of sump pumps are a pedestal pump and a submersible pump. Both devices run by themselves. In each unit, there is a float that is attached to the sump pump. When the water level lifts the float to a certain height then the device kicks on and begins sucking water through the pump and out the ejection hose.

Contrast #

Submersible pumps cost more than pedestal pumps. They also last longer than pedestal pumps. They can be submerged completely under water without breaking and are made airtight for that reason. It is this air tight seal that also helps protect them from dirt and grime infiltration.

Pedestal pumps are not made to be submerged completely under water. They are ideal for removing water from basements that frequently flood. A pedestal model will also cost less and last longer than a submersible unit. However, a pedestal unit never completely dries a basement since it sits on the floor and the water level must be at a minimum height for it to kick on.

Sump Pump Prices #

Buying a sump pump can cost anywhere from $100 to $1000. The cost discrepancy lies with the type of sump pump you get and the horsepower you need. They range from ¼ horsepower to 1 horsepower motors. Most average homes can make do with ½ horsepower. A typical plastic ½ horsepower model will cost $100 to $200. The sturdier stainless steel or brass units cost more, but will last much longer and are designed for constant use. A heavy duty steel sump pump with ½ horsepower will run from $300 to $500. Installation costs for a pedestal model are very low, since a sump basin is not needed. Labor costs for this unit will rest on how you intend to discharge the water, but will typically not rise above $1000 for professional installation.

Installing a submersible sump pump is more expensive, particularly if you have a finished basement. Concrete may have to be cut in order to install a basin for the pump to sit in. Typically, installing a basin, pump, and drainage system will cost between $1500 and $5000, depending on how you plan to discharge the water and how far it must go.

Helpful Hints on Installing and Maintaining a Sump Pump #

  • Make sure the sump pump you buy has a power cord long enough to reach your GFI outlet. Extension cords are not designed to be used with sump pumps. Sometimes, hardwiring the pump is necessary, which may cost $1000 to $2000.
  • Installing a backup sump pump is always a good idea, just in case the primary gets clogged damaged or there is a power outage. A backup sump pump runs on either batteries or water power, and can be purchased and installed for $500 to $1000.
  • Every so often it is necessary to check your sump pump and your basin for debris. Any foreign object can clog a sump pump or even break it if the object gets inside the motor.

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