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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Civil Engineer?

Civil Engineer Prices

A civil engineer is tasked with the planning of cities, towns, bridges, sewer systems, electrical systems, etc. He is primarily involved in public works projects. But, he can also be hired for consultations by private firms. Large apartment building complexes and municipal buildings are also under a civil engineers scope of work. There are many subdivisions of civil engineering. Most include:

  • Transportation – Designs highway and road systems, bridges, airports, traffic interchanges, onramps and off-ramps.
  • Utilities – Designs water, sewer and electrical systems for cities, towns, and building complexes.
  • Water Treatment – Designs sewage plants, dams, water treatment plants and delivery systems for fresh and wastewater.
  • City Planner – Designs roadways, traffic signs and lights, residential, industrial and commercial areas.

A civil engineer must be hired in all cases above due to state and federal laws. Their training involves extensive knowledge of physics, geometry and load bearing capabilities.

Average Civil Engineer Costs

The average civil engineer will charge $65 to $200 per hour. For a relatively small consulting job, they usually charge a minimum of $500. For larger jobs, there is usually a large amount of site work performed by the civil engineering company. Surveying can take some time. Then, detailed plans must be made based on those surveys. Large-scale plans can cost as much as $50,000.

Civil engineers are known for their hands-on attitude. They like to be out in the field making sure their plans are followed to the letter. Often times, they need to be on site. Things do not always go smoothly and changes sometimes need to be made on the fly.