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How Much Does Installing a Chair Lift for Stairs Cost?

Last Updated: February 01, 2022

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A chairlift, otherwise known as a stair lift, is a safe way to move about your house for those with mobility trouble. If you or a loved one has trouble getting up and down the stairs without assistance then it may be time for you to buy a stair chair lift.

It is not expensive as you may think to buy a chairlift. Often, you can get your insurance carrier to help with the cost. Even if you have a spiral staircase or 90 degree turns in your staircase, there is a stair lift that will meet your needs. If you have a short term disability due to an accident, you can even rent a stair lift for monthly payments to help your mobility while you heal.

Chair Lift Prices #

A typical, straight line chair lift will cost between $3,000 and $4,000, depending on power source and amenities. Installing a special stair lift, such as ones installed on a spiral stairway or 90 degree turn stairway, may increase the cost to as much as $12,000. These prices include installation; most companies will include installation as part of the price of the chair lift.

If you require something a bit cheaper, a lot of companies sell refurbished chair lifts at a discount. They are relatively simple to repair and refurbish. Used stair lifts are just as reliable as a new one and can save you up to 30% over a new model. Most every manufacturer will offer some sort of warranty on their models, as well. A 12 month maintenance-free package is standard. As stated earlier, a lot of stair lift companies offer you the option to rent a chair on a monthly basis. Depending on how long you need it, taking that option can save you thousands of dollars on the purchase of one.

The best way to save money installing a stair lift is to choose a company that does a thorough job in giving you a price. Some fly-by-night companies will give you a price quote with a quick check of your house or even a quote over the phone. The price they give is never accurate and can cost you thousands in added extras on the back end. Good companies do a thorough check of you house and stair system and walk you through the buying process. Their quotes are very accurate and can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected fees over other companies.

Elevator Systems #

If you require a long term solution, have several flights of stairs in your house, or need to transport more than one person up and down at a time, an elevator is the only way to go. Chances are, if you are inquiring about an elevator then you, either, have an extraordinarily large home or are installing one commercially. Either way, you will probably have the space to install an elevator shaft, which is the first step to having an elevator.

Moving walls is where a large portion of labor costs come in when installing elevator shafts. If you have a stack of closets on each floor (one over the other), it makes a perfect place to install an elevator shaft. It can, truly, help keep labor costs down by taking advantage of the existing space. An average 6-person elevator, with shaft installed, can cost up to $20,000. This does not include labor costs to clear room for an elevator shaft. Depending on how much labor is needed to clear room for an elevator shaft, the price can double up to $40,000 to return your home to its normal state. There are also fees from the local fire department and building inspector to have an elevator installed. Moreover, there are yearly compliance and safety checks for the elevator.

An elevator may actually help you sell your house when it comes time. Not only can you advertise your home as completely handicapped accessible. Many non-handicapped people will like the idea of having an elevator in their house; not only for the ease of moving in and out, but for its nostalgic purposes, as well. You can expect to recoup a large portion of your elevator system installation in the sale of your house, which will make the front end cost that much more bearable.

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