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How Much Does a Wheelchair Ramp Cost?

Last Updated: February 01, 2022

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A ramp can be a big help in assisting an elderly or disabled person to get in and out of a building. It's a law for many businesses and public places to have that kind of access. It's not a law for private residences. However, perhaps you need one built for the home. Whatever the reason or circumstance, a ramp is going to be a godsend for people with a disability.

Disability Ramp Prices #

The minimum you could expect to pay for a disability ramp is $1,200 and it cost as much as $2,500. This is the cost for making a wheelchair ramp from wood and is the cheapest way to go. Remember, the cost is related to the situation. The more complex the job gets the greater the cost.

It will cost $500 to $1,000 for the materials to construct a wooden ramp. The contractor will, in all likelihood, need to pour concrete for the structural posts for a ramp like this. This will ensure a solid foundation that will provide support for the weight of multiple people.

It will take a professional two days to a week to build, even a modest, disability ramp. The time it takes for him to build the ramp all depends on how intricate the ramp will be. What will the ramp be constructed from? What material will the ramp be made from? Does the ramp have turns in it? The more complex and fancy things get the more costly it will be.

You may also build a wheelchair ramp from aluminum, steel, or concrete. Concrete will last the longest. If the wheelchair ramp is going to be a permanent solution then you may want to consider using that as a building material. Aluminum and steel may rust in the elements after years. Steel is strong. Aluminum is very light.

American Disabilities Act #

Maybe the cost seems a little high to you? Perhaps it doesn't. This project isn't without its challenges. There are numerous federal guidelines that must be met for this type of structure.

The ADA is the American Disabilities Act which was made law in 1990. It made discrimination against people with disabilities illegal. The law includes mandates to make many public places accessible by wheel chair.

Use this as a reference and guideline for the project. Discuss the laws with your carpenter to find out how he plans to meet these guidelines while making it look the way you want.

ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG)

Following these guidelines is not necessary for private residences. However, if a permanent ramp is being built at a private residence it must adhere to state guidelines. Check with your local state office to find out about guidelines for you.

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