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How Much Does X-Ray Technician School Cost?

Last Updated: February 01, 2022

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Do you have a natural inclination towards an education involving lots of science, math, and high tech processes? If training to operate specialized medical equipment, in addition to providing quality patient care, sound like a fulfilling professional career, X-ray Tech School could be a great choice for you!

X-ray Technicians, sometimes also referred to as Radiologic Technicians, are specialized medical staff on a team of healthcare providers. They perform imaging of parts of the human body necessary for diagnosing or treating medical problems. In as little as one to two years you could be a certified X-ray Tech with competitive paying job opportunities available at hospitals, doctor's offices, larger clinics, and medical labs.

Radiology Tech Schools #

Depending on exactly what direction you want your career as a Radiology Technician to take, you can complete a one year certification program, two year associate's degree, or four year bachelor's level education. An added benefit to this field of education is that many schools offer flexible schedules to accommodate those who must maintain a job while studying to be a medical technician.

Very Important to keep in mind when choosing an x-ray tech school:

  • Ensure that the radiology technician program you are interested in is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology.
  • Accreditation not only assures that the school meets certain academic standards but is necessary if you are planning on applying for Federal Student Aid.
  • After Graduating from an X-Ray Tech School it is highly recommended that you also become certified by taking an American Registry of Radiologic Technologists exam. Most jobs within hospitals and medical facilities require X-Ray Techs to be certified.
  • Only graduates of accredited institutions are eligible for registration by The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Additionally; the ARRT certification is required for licensure in many states.

How much does Radiology Technician School Cost? #

Cost of attending X-Ray Technician schools will vary depending on the type and location of the school, in addition to whether you are paying in-state or out-of –state tuition fees. It is critical to look at all several schools when considering which program to go with. You can help to control the amount you pay for school on the basis of this important choice. On average costs to complete a Radiology Tech program at an accredited school fall into the following ranges:

  • One year Certificate Program - $2,500-$10,000 annually
  • Two year Associate's Degree - $4,000-$12,000 annually
  • Four year Bachelor's Degree - $7,000-$13,000(in-state); $12,000-$27,000 (out-of state)
  • Average cost of books and supplies - up to $1,200 per year
  • Average cost of room and board - $10,000-$17,000 annually

Find X-Ray Technician School Information #

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