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How Much Does Substance Abuse Training School Cost?

Last Updated: February 01, 2022

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Are you passionate about helping others improve their quality of life? Perhaps, you want to have a positive, lasting social impact within a special population. If any of the this is true; if you desire a career in which you can assist and motivate people to choose healthier life decisions, then addiction training may be for you. Addiction professionals make up a growing field that now has an increasing need for qualified and caring individuals.

Substance Abuse Counselor Training Prices #

There are several educational options that qualify someone to have both a rewarding career in addiction treatment and higher earning potential. They differ in cost and time to complete the necessary courses. Many trained addiction professionals complete a Bachelor's degree in a field such as psychology or social work, followed by a subsequent Master's level program that qualifies them for state licensure and a career in substance abuse counseling.

The average cost for in-state tuition at a public four year college is $7,020, and out-of –state cost at the same public four-year college on average is $18,548 (this varies by state and school). Furthermore, a private four year college can cost $26,273. Keep in mind these figures are only averages. They can and do change according to a few variables, such as the number of required credits for a specific school. In addition to the cost of the Bachelor's degree, on average most Master's programs will cost an additional $25,000 to $30,000.

There are many respected training programs available at a much lower cost. These programs are recognized by national organizations affiliated with professional addiction workforce development, such as the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs. Typically classes and programs such as this are directed towards a variety of individuals including those pursuing the Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) credentials, as well as professionals from the drug and alcohol, mental health, child welfare and criminal justice fields, social workers, peer providers from recovery community organizations, peer specialists, and others simply interested in learning more about recovery from addiction.

The Association for Addiction Professionals can provide you with information on the specific programs and program costs in your state ( ). Other programs can also be located through the Institute for Research, Education, and Training in Addictions ( ). Most states have a variety of mini-regional programs and training courses that range from no cost to fees of a few hundred dollars. For example, the state of Pennsylvania has a program that costs $35-$75 per 6 hour training session.

Paying for Substance Abuse Counselor Training #

Regardless of the avenue of training that you choose, there is a way to manage the costs. If you fall into the large group of people who require financial assistance for educational costs, the following link will provide you with the information and appropriate documents needed to apply for Federal Student loans: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). In addition to federally funded loans another option is to check out sites, such as or that provide learners with information on how they can access free money meant for educational pursuits.

Find Substance Abuse Training School Information #

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