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How Much Does Fashion School Cost?

Last Updated: February 01, 2022

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The fashion industry is fast-paced and offers a wide variety of career options upon graduation. If you're passionate about design and the arts, fashion school can provide the knowledge, experience and connections to succeed in this highly competitive industry. Learn not only the artistic and technical aspects of fashion design, but also the business end of things, including bookkeeping and marketing.

Fashion school graduates go on to pursue careers in designing, buying, merchandising, styling and marketing. Although relatively few people make a name as a major designer, fashion students go on to work in a range of specialties including costume design, fashion writing, interior design, fashion advertising, graphic design, fashion coordinating for retail stores and jewelry design.

Schooling options range from 12-month certificate programs to four-year bachelor's degrees. Associate's programs typically involve between 18 months and 2 years of coursework.

Fashion School Costs #

The cost of a fashion degree depends on the type of school you choose. Community colleges and career schools tend to be less expensive, while traditional colleges and art schools are pricier. In-state students can get a fashion degree at a public school for around $5,000 per year, not including room and board, while out-of-state students should expect to pay $10,000 to $15,000 in tuition. Room and board can run an extra $10,000 per year. Top fashion schools can run $30,000 a year or more.

  • A bachelor's program at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco costs $20,343 for the 2010-2011 school year. Tuition makes up the bulk of that fee - $17,760 - but the price also covers registration, fees and supplies. The school's graduate program is slightly more expensive.
  • The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City charges $2,584 per semester for in-state baccalaureate students and $6,775 for those who come from other states. Associates students pay $1,857 per semester in state and $5,571 out of state. Evening, weekend, summer and winter sessions are charged on a per-credit basis, ranging from $155-$582 per credit.
  • The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, with four locations in California, charges $23,380 for a 1-year associate of arts degree, including books and fees. A 15-month associate of arts professional designation costs a total of $36,545. A 9-month associate of arts advanced study program runs $27,570.

Choosing a Fashion School #

Location is a major consideration when choosing a fashion school. Good schools are located all over the country, but it's important to keep in mind that New York and Los Angeles are the centers of the U.S. fashion world. Attending a school in one of those cities will increase your chances of forging connections within the industry that can help you land a job after graduation.

After you choose a location, it's time to start price shopping. Set a budget, research scholarship and grant and choose a school that fits within your price. Also consider the length of time it takes to get a degree and the school's reputation. Look for a school that's accredited by The National Association of Art and Design.

Find Fashion School Information #

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