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Unlock the Potential of Employee Time Tracking: Pricing, Demo and Features of Buddy Punch

Last Updated: May 11, 2023

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Looking for an efficient cloud-based time and attendance system for your business? Check out Buddy Punch! Read on to learn about the different pricing plans available and the features that make this software a cost-effective option for tracking employee time.

Buddy Punch Pricing #

The cost of Buddy Punch varies depending on the plan and the number of employees. Buddy Punch offers three pricing plans:

  1. Standard plan: $19/month plus $2.99/month for each employee.
    (includes time tracking, overtime calculations, and reporting)

  2. Pro plan: $19/month plus $3.99/month for each employee.
    (includes additional features such as geolocation tracking and job costing)

  3. Enterprise plan: Custom pricing based on the number of employees and specific business needs (includes all the features of the Pro plan and can be customized)

It's important to note that Buddy Punch also offers a free demo and a 30-day free trial, which allows businesses to test out the system before committing to a plan. Additionally, there may be additional costs for implementation, training, and support.

How Much Does Buddy Punch Software Cost?

How Does Buddy Punch Work? #

Employees can log in to the system using their unique login credentials or by using the biometric time clock to scan their face. Employees can then select the task or job they are working on and clock in. Buddy Clock will track the time spent on each job, and employees can switch between jobs throughout the day.

The GPS tracking feature makes sure that employees are clocking in from a specified location and prevents fraudulent clock-ins. Managers can log in to the system to review and approve time entries, make edits, and run reports. Buddy Punch keeps a detailed audit trail of all time entries and edits, including who made the changes and when they were made, to prevent employees from falsifying time records.

The software allows for customization settings, such as limiting clock-ins to specific devices or requiring supervisor approval for time entries, to ensure that employees are following company policies and procedures. The data collected can be used to generate reports on employee time and attendance, which can be exported to various formats for payroll processing.

Pros and Cons of Buddy Punch #


  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • Accurate time tracking through various methods
  • Reporting and analytics to track employee attendance and productivity
  • Cost-effective
  • Remote access for employees who work remotely or travel frequently
  • Facial recognition/biometric options


  • Limited features compared to other time tracking software options
  • Security concerns related to biometric data if facial recognition is used
  • Integration issues with other software or systems
  • Customer support may be inadequate
  • Possibility of inaccurate time tracking leading to disputes between employers and employees.

Additional Services That Buddy Punch Offers #

  1. Paid time off (PTO) tracking: Buddy Punch allows employers to track employee PTO, vacation time, and sick days, and provides an overview of how much time off an employee has remaining.

  2. Scheduling: The software allows employers to create employee schedules and view them alongside employee time cards to ensure accurate attendance tracking.

  3. Overtime tracking: Buddy Punch can automatically calculate overtime pay based on the rules set by the employer.

  4. Project tracking: Employers can assign specific projects to employees and track their time spent on each project.

  5. Customizable reporting: Buddy Punch provides customizable reports that allow employers to view attendance data, time-off requests, and other information in a variety of formats.

  6. Bundle With Payroll Services: You can now add payroll to any plan for just $39/month base + $6/month per user.


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