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How Much Does an Outdoor Security Camera System Cost?

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Privacy and security have become prime concerns for people everywhere. Outdoor security cameras help deter criminals while also offering surveillance to help guard against lawsuits and other liabilities. They offer protections for homes, businesses, and other properties, and a central component of any security system.

The systems provide assurance that anybody or anything approaching the property will be monitored. Outdoor security systems monitor live events in a home or business establishment in real time, from any connected device, including laptops, smartphones, computers, and tablets. Here is everything that you need to know about outdoor security cameras, including prices.

Pros of Outdoor Security Cameras #

Outdoor security cameras offer a variety of advantages, recording events and storing them in a remote location. The events are digitally recorded and security personnel can access the videos whenever necessary.

In addition to deterring intruders, security cameras allow you to view anyone seeking access to the building before you permit entry. You may also view footage to safely inspect the cause of strange noises. In this case, responders gain time to think before acting, especially if the signs point to a possible threat.

Outdoor security systems typically offer greater peace of mind. Finally, surveillance footage provides evidence in the event a crime does occur, as well as in the event an accident occurs on the property.

Points to Consider before Choosing Outdoor Security Cameras #

  • Type of camera: Look for a weather resistant model with basic safeguards against the weather and other harsh environmental conditions. Consider a camera suitable for different climates including rain, high temperatures, snow, and winds.
  • Features: There are numerous features to consider. For example, some come with thermostatic controls that allow the camera to cool or heat to prevent condensation forming over the camera lens and obscure the sight of the camera.
  • Help and support: Look at the type of support the vendor offers to its clients. Not all business or homeowners have the skills to deal with technical aspects of outdoor security cameras, hence the need for help and support from the company.
  • Security system: Look for a security system that links the cameras to a higher unit. Security cameras often come linked to a security alarm system complete with an immediate lockdown and response team facility. Check with your provider to see whether these options are available. It would cost much less than when buying all parts separately.

Sample Prices of Outdoor Security Cameras #

Pricing varies based on the type of camera and system you purchase. You also pay more as you add features, such as LCDs and intercoms. Camera specs also influence cost, including:

  • The power of the lens of the cameras, the higher the power, the more expensive the camera
  • Features such as night vision, recording, voice recording, heat protection, and moisture protection raise the price
  • Newer models cost more due to their advanced technology
  • System packages that link cameras to an alarm system cost more than a separate recording camera

Although these factors make it hard to arrive at a specific cost, the following estimates assist in finding the perfect security system for your budget.

  • BIPRO-540L4 IR Security Camera with infrared, 3.6 mm lens and night vision averages between $150 and $200.
  • HD-Q28 1080p HD Security Camera with weather proofing, 1,000 lines of resolution, 1080p, HD, HD-CVI, AHD, and infrared averages between $180 and $200.
  • HD-TVI-BL2 Outdoor Infrared camera with a 2.8 to 12 mm variable focus lens camera and a 1080p resolution averages between $250 and $300.
  • Nest Cam Outdoor with 1080p and face identification and alerts averages between $150 and $180.
  • Net gear Arlo Pro with weatherproofing and a long battery life that runs for months averages between $240 and $280.
  • Blink XT with night vision and 2-year battery life averages between $120 and $150.
  • An outdoor security camera with charge-coupled device (CCD) sensors that give high-quality images in different lighting environments, infrared technology that goes up to 65 feet of total darkness, and one that can resist extreme weather temperatures of up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit averages between $180 and $350.

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