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How Much Does a Pizza Delivery POS System Cost?

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Pizza Delivery Point of Purchase System Prices

Efficiently running a pizza shop requires that you serve customers quickly, accurately manage special orders, relay the correct information to the food prep staff, and get orders out the door in a timely manner. If you feel like you could use some help bringing all of these elements of your pizza business together, then a pizza point of sale (POS) system could be right for you.

Getting the job done right requires having the proper tools. You may already have tried restaurant POS systems and found that they don't fit the specific needs of a pizzeria. For example, can your current POS system manage pie shapes, toppings, and complex orders such as half and quarter toppings? Does it instantly recognize customer information when they call to place an order? Is it capable of taking orders online? A pizza delivery POS system do all of these things and more.

The Benefits of a Pizza Delivery POP System (Point of Purchase)

Pizza delivery POS systems provide the applications and features you need to streamline operations, reduce waste and errors, improve customer service, and bolster your bottom line. The advanced functionality of a pizzeria POS system can help you and your staff better perform the following tasks:

  • On screen customized ordering: an intuitive, interactive touch screen interface makes placing orders a snap. Simply select the various customizable pizza options from the screen, such as size, crust, and toppings, and input the selection. Orders taken in this way are faster, more accurate, and can be part of your plan to reduce paper usage.
  • Keep track of orders and deliveries: a pizza delivery POS system provides unparalleled management of incoming and outgoing orders. For pickups, you can print out bar code labels and attach them to a customer's order, then simply scan it when they come in to get it. For deliveries, a driver routing screen managed from the back office can track delivery statistics such as delivery count, time that's passed since an order was taken, and which deliveries have been sent out and which are waiting to go. You can also manage a driver's cash flow and so much more with pizza delivery POS software.
  • Online ordering: consumers are buying more and more products online, and this includes their food. Tap into the enormous customer response to online food ordering by enabling patrons to place orders from the comfort of their own homes. Not only do you give the customer what they want, when they want it, but all this comes without additional labor costs.
  • Back office tracking: pizza delivery POS software allows for intelligent and streamlined information management. With the ability to generate up to the minute reports and control inventory and food costs, you can keep track of what is selling (and what isn't), and make sure you never run out of what you need most. Keep track of employee hours and scheduling so your business is never over or under staffed. In short, sophisticated pizza POP software lets you slash operating costs and increase profits.
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Pizza Delivery POS System Sample Costs

Whether you're ready to ditch your inadequate restaurant POS system in favor of one suited for a pizza shop or you're buying a POS system for the first time, the information below should give you a better idea of how much new POS hardware and software will cost.

  • Depending on the number of stations/terminals you require, a pizza delivery POS system can cost anywhere from around $2,000 to $6,500 and up.
  • You can purchase a used/refurbished 2 station pizza POS system for around $1,500. A system at this price might include 2 PC towers, 2 touch screen monitors, 2 printers, 2 keyboards, 1 credit card terminal, software, and more.
  • A new single station pizza POS system costs around $2,000. At this price you can expect to receive 1 POS computer, 1 thermal receipt printer, 1 cash drawer, 1 credit card reader, (1) 15" touch screen, POS software, keyboard, mouse, and more.
  • A used/refurbished 2 station pizza POS system costs roughly $3,000. Included at this price should be 2 pre-owned POS computers, 2 new touch screen LCD monitors, 1 new electronic cash drawer, 3 used printers, pizza restaurant software with 2 licenses, and more.
  • A new 2-station POS pizza delivery system costs around $6,500. In this price range you can expect to receive 2 all-in-one touch screen base POS PCs, 2 thermal receipt printers, 2 kitchen printers, 2 heavy duty cash drawers, 2 credit card readers, 2 customer displays, POS software with 2 licenses, and more.
  • Pizza delivery POS software costs approximately $500-$1,500 per user/terminal.

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