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How Much Does an NEC Phone System Cost?

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NEC Phone System Prices

NEC Corporation of America understands that new technologies alone do not guarantee the advancement of your organization. That's why the company focuses on customizing and delivering the services your business needs. Their mission is to strive to help you make the most of your technological investments and excel in today's fast moving professional environment.

NEC provides customized communications for thousands of North American businesses, including Fortune 1000 companies and those in the fields of healthcare, education, and hospitality. Deciding to let NEC handle your communications infrastructure is choosing a strategic partner that will be there with you as your business grows. The company's Professional and Managed services, including network assessments and remote monitoring and management, will help you develop and provide support for all voice, data, and video solutions.

NEC Phone Systems Sample Costs

NEC Corporation of America offers comprehensive communications solutions for small and medium sized businesses in addition to large organizations. Sample prices for some of its more popular business phone systems are listed below. Remember, these are just estimates. For an accuate phone system price quote, give us your requirements and we'll match you to top local phone system dealers.

  • A used NEC Univerge SV8100 office phone system costs approximately $2,500.
  • A unit at this price might include a main board, a 16 port digital station card, a voicemail/app server card, a PRI/TI card, a 4 port CO trunk loop, and more.
  • A NEC DSX-40 small office phone system costs approximately $1,000-$2,000.
  • For about $1,000 you can get an NEC DSX-40 capable of handling up to 4 lines and 8 stations. A system at this price might include three (3) NEC phones, IntraMail with 2 ports and 8 hours of storage, a Quick Connect Block, and more.
  • For around $2,000 you can buy a DSX-40 kit that includes one (1) 4x8x2 telephone system, eight (8) telephones, and one (1) IntraMail PRO w/ 4 ports and 16 hours of Email integration, built-in caller ID, and more.
  • A NEC DSX-80 phone system costs approximately $1,400 to $5,000.
  • A kit including an 8 line, 16 digital stations, four (4) phones, 4 port 8 hour IntraMail and a Quick Connect block costs about $1,400.
  • An NEC DSX 80 phone system ready for 8 lines and 16 digital ports (maximum of 32 digital telephone stations), eight (8) phones and 4 port, 8 hour 128 mailbox IntraMail voicemail costs around $2,400.
  • A DSX 80 phone system ready for 16 lines and 32 digital phone stations, 24 phones and a 4 port, 8 hour 128 mailbox IntraMail voicemail costs about $5,000.
  • A NEC DSX-160 phone system costs approximately $7,500 to $10,500.
  • An NEC DSX 160 ready for 16 lines and 32 digital telephones (up to 96 digital telephone stations), with thirty-two (32) phones, 4 port, 16 hour, 128 mailbox IntraMail Pro voicemail, and caller ID costs roughly $7,500.
  • The same system, ready for 16 lines and 32 digital phones (maximum of 96 phone stations), with caller ID, forty-eight (48) phones, and an 8 port, 32 hour 128 mailbox IntraMail Pro voicemail costs around $10,500.

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