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How Much Does a Remote Data Backup Service Cost?

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Most businesses don't think about backing up their computer files until it's too late. But those who have suffered a major data loss know just how devastating it can be.

The time to think about backing up your data is before disaster strikes. Protect your important customer data, financial records and other important documents by hiring a remote data backup service.

About Remote Data Backup Service #

Any company that keeps computerized records of customer, financial or project information should consider remote data backup. Your files are safely stored in an off-site location so that they can be recovered in the event of a theft, fire, natural disaster or computer system failure.

Once hired, a remote data backup service will copy and store all of your existing files. From then on, they will back up new files either in real time or in regular intervals, such as every night or once per week. All you need is an Internet connection.

Some companies choose to back up their own files and store them on site. But that doesn't protect your company from catastrophic loss. Your data is safer when stored at an off-site location, particularly if you don't have an in-house IT staff.

Remote Data Backup Service Prices #

There are many different pricing structures among remote data backup services. Some services charge a monthly or annual fee. Some offer unlimited storage, while others charge a set amount for a certain number of gigabytes. Others have per-computer fees.

Generally, plan on spending about $1 to $2 per gigabyte of storage. For example, you might pay $10 per month for 10 gigabytes of storage or $600 per year for 500 gigabytes of storage. Keep in mind, however, that this is a rough estimate. Some services charge more and others charge less.

Other fees you might have to pay include:

  • Initial setup costs of $20 to $100
  • A fee of $10 to $100 for each user license or computer
  • Additional fees per gigabyte for exceeding monthly or annual limits

Before choosing a remote data backup service, be sure to ask for a complete breakdown of pricing, including any setup fees. It's also crucial to find out whether the plan you're offered includes unlimited data storage or allows for a set number of gigabytes.

Choosing a Remote Data Backup Service #

There are a few important things to consider before choosing any remote data backup service. Important questions to ask include:

  • How long the company has been in business and what kind of track record do they have? Do some research online and check with consumer organizations like the Better Business Bureau.
  • How long does it take the company to find and recover a lost file?
  • How does the service authenticate its users? The company should have a strict procedure for verifying that the person requesting a backup file is authorized to do so.
  • Is the service's software compatible with your company's operating system? If so, is it easy to use?

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