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How Much Does Aramark Office Coffee Service Cost?

Last Updated: January 10, 2022

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When it comes to their jobs, employees appreciate the little things. Most office employees have at least one story about an employer that provided a well-stocked break room. For many, those stories revolve around the sweetest nectar of productivity: coffee. An office coffee service like Aramark makes it easy to offer your employees that delicious perk (no pun intended).

With years in the industry, Aramark has perfected the well-stocked break room. Its services include coffee, water filtration, and other essentials to help keep employees caffeinated, hydrated, and happy. Of course, you can always provide coffee yourself. The question is whether the convenience of delivery is worth the cost.

Pros of Aramark Coffee Service #

With annual coffee cup supplies topping 1 billion in around 100,000 locations, Aramark is one of America's most trusted office coffee services. Businesses large and small rely on Aramark to deliver coffee and related supplies, as well as a variety of other products, giving the people running the business one less thing to worry about. You choose the products you want and how often, then Aramark does the rest, including keeping track of your inventory. It's a no muss, no fuss solution that lets you expend your time and energy in areas that actually require your expertise. It also helps you keep track of expenses and budget according to your needs, especially since buying in bulk is nearly always cheaper than a weekly run to the local big box store for coffee, creamer, and cups.

Points to Consider before Choosing Aramark Coffee Service #

  • Quality versus cost: Aramark offers varying levels of quality at varying levels of cost. Choose from local beans, organically grown, or premium coffee. You also choose how many cups you need, and whether to add extras such as tea and cocoa.
  • Regular needs: It's most cost-effective to have a solid understanding of just how much coffee your workers drink. There's no point in paying for unused coffee grounds. After all, not everyone drinks coffee. If you already provide coffee to your employees, you probably have a good estimate regarding how much coffee your team drinks every month (or week). If not, it might be a good idea to talk to your people to discover how many of them drink coffee (or tea or hot chocolate). The same advice applies if you plan to offer other treats.
  • Customer service: Before signing on with any coffee service, you want to know what type of customer service they provide. How often do they clean carafes? Does the company clean and maintain the brewing equipment? How does it manage inventory, and does it offer reports on usage? How quickly do they respond to service requests? Is maintenance included in your contract? Check online reviews or talk to current and former customers for a good idea of Aramark's customer service.

Sample Costs of Aramark Coffee Service #

Aramark offers a variety of office services, so costs depend entirely on what you order and how much you need. Other factors affecting price include:

  • The number of employees
  • The type of coffee you order
  • The working hours of the company

With so many variables, you need to speak directly with an Aramark rep for an exact quote. However, the following estimates help you gauge Aramark costs versus supplying your own coffee, or hiring another service.

  • The average annual cost for a coffee delivery service ranges between $50 and $200 per employee, depending on the level of service you order.
  • Monthly minimums are common and usually range between $30 and $50 per month.
  • A case of local quality ground coffee averages around $35.
  • A case of organic or premium coffee averages around $100.
  • Individual coffee cups with local quality coffee, serving 42 people, averages around $60.
  • Individual coffee cups with organic or premium coffee, serving 42 people, averages around $125.
  • A box of hot chocolate averages around $15.
  • Tea to serve 25 to 100 people averages between $10 and $20.

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