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How Much Does It Cost To Rent an E-Mail List?

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Your business probably has its own email list which it uses for direct marketing campaigns. But, it's also possible to rent an email list in order to reach potential new customers. Through an email list broker, you can gain access to thousands of businesses and consumers and promote special offers, events, or information about your business. While email list rental can provide an excellent return on investment (ROI), there are some tricky areas of this marketing practice that you should be aware of. This buying guide explains the basics of email mailing list rental, the ways it can benefit your business, and how much it costs.

The Basics of Renting an Email List #

If you're considering working with email list brokers to expand your marketing reach here's what you need to know:

  • Use only legit email list services: Avoid so-called "junk lists," which contain email addresses obtained from websites. Aside from giving your business a bad name, these lists are also illegal. Legitimate, opt-in email lists, on the other hand, are compiled from people who have given their permission to receive emails from companies.
  • Email marketing lists are for one time use: When you rent an email list, it's generally only for a single marketing campaign. Although, it may be possible to pay extra for unlimited access to a list for a specific time period.
  • You never see the email lists: Email list brokers send a message on your company's behalf. You never actually see the names and addresses of the recipients, and the list remains the property of the broker.
  • Be as specific as possible about the list you want: In terms of the success of your campaign, list selection is probably the most important factor. A broker has the ability to create targeted email lists based on the specific market you want to reach, but it's your job to provide it with the details necessary to target that market.

The Benefits of Renting Email Mailing Lists #

Rented email lists can be beneficial to your business in a number of ways:

  • Great value: An email rental list can be acquired for a relatively low price (compared to other direct marketing means) while allowing you to reach thousands of potential new customers.
  • Get results fast: After sending your marketing message, an email list service broker will gather data on how many of the messages are being read and the click-through-rate (the number of people that click on the ad�an important measure of a campaign's success). This allows you to quickly gauge how well your message is working and promptly make adjustments.
  • Reach multiple audiences: It's possible to customize messages contained within the same broker email list in order to reach different audiences. For example, one version of the message could target prospective customers and another could focus on existing customers. Or, you could experiment with subject lines and promotional offers and see which ones work best.

Average Costs to Rent an Email List #

Email list pricing is typically based on cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

  • For a targeted email list with around 2,500 to 5,000 names, expect to pay a CPM of approximately $200 to $400 for a consumer list and $300 to $600 for a business list.
  • There are often additional costs associated with an email list marketing campaign�such as managing and tracking your emails�that might cost you around $500 to $3,500.

Email List Sample Costs #

To better gauge the cost of renting an email list, check out what other businesses paid:

  • $1,500 to $2,000 for 750,000 email addresses in 3 states
  • $1,000 to $1,500 for 1 million contacts
  • Around $1,500 to send 2.5 million emails four times
  • Approximately $1,000 to send 3 blasts to about 7,000 customers in 3 states

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