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How Much Do CD DVD Replication Services Cost?

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Burning just a few CDs or DVDs is an easy task - most of us can do it on our home computers in a matter of minutes. But, if you need hundreds or thousands of disks you probably want to think about outsourcing the job. CD and DVD replication services can turn around thousands of disks in just a matter of days. The added bonus is that they're professional quality. You can personalize your disks with photos, graphics and professionally-designed cases.

There is a host of uses for CD and DVD duplication in the world of business - from creating training videos or tutorials to mass-producing company marketing materials. They're also a great option for recording artists or filmmakers.

CD DVD Replication Services Average Costs #

CD and DVD replication services charge for their services in one of two ways:

  • A per-disk price ranging from $1 to $5. The price varies based upon the number of disks you order and the printing quality you select. Black-and-white thermal printing is the least expensive. While, high-resolution, full color digital printing is the most expensive.
  • A complete package fee that includes disk duplication, printing and packaging for a set number of disks.

You'll have to shop around to find which type of pricing plan is a better deal for you. A complete package might be a better deal if you have a large order. While, per-disk pricing might be the most economical choice if you're ordering just 50 or 100 disks.

Per-disk pricing for CD and DVD Replication #

With per-disk pricing, the price of each disk drops considerably with larger orders.

Here's a breakdown of what you might expect to pay per disc:

*** 1,000 or more disks: $1 to $1.60

  • 500-999: $1.30 to $1.80
  • 50-99: $2.50 to $3
  • 1-24: $4 to $5**

DVDs are slightly more expensive:

*** 1,000 or more: $1.60 to $2.10

  • 500-999: $1.80 to $2.30
  • 50-99: $3 to $3.50
  • 1-24: $4.50 to $5**

Keep in mind that the prices above do not include the cost of accessories like plastic sleeves or cases, which can run $.10 to $.50 each.

  • Plastic sleeves usually cost $.10 to $.15 each
  • Jewel cases cost $.25 to $.35
  • DVD cases run $.35 to $.50

Complete Sample Package Pricing for CD and DVD Replication #

With complete packages, the total price will depend on the number of disks you order, the quality of printing and the type of cases you select.

  • Disc Makers charges $299 to $350 for 100 CDs with eco-wallet cases. The price includes full color printing on the disk.
  • 100 DVDs with eco-wallet cases runs $325 to $350.
  • 200 CDs in full color jackets will run you $395 to $450. That also includes full color printing on the disk.

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